JMF Group: The Retail Marketing Agency for Physical Stores

With a proven track record of success across all sectors of the retail industry, JMF are the agency of choice for supporting many brands looking to boost their retail marketing efforts across physical stores. Retail marketers choose us time and again to increase sales through in-store displays, win new customers with striking OOH advertising, and appeal to existing customers through amazing physical brand activations.

If you’re a Marketing Manager, Category Manager, or Product Manager, JMF have the retail marketing solutions for you! Our in-house production facilities mean we’re as equipped to handle one-off, unique retail installations as we are scaled-up, multi-outlet, national deliverables.

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Solutions for Your Retail Store

JMF is the retail marketing agency for physical stores. Our team will help you create a brand story that engages and resonates with your consumers on the busy high streets, shopping centres and retail parks of the UK.

Shop Signs

Drive awareness of—and visitors to—your physical store, with retail shop signs that forge a lasting identity. Types of retail sign can include both illuminated and non-illuminated metal signs, projecting signs, 3D cut-out lettering, and flex face banners.

See our full buying guide on shop front signs.

Window Displays

JMF can help you create stunning and effective shop window displays that will help your conversion rate, converting more shoppers into customers. Our team of experts will work with you to create a visual content strategy that will capture the attention of passers-by and drive traffic into your store.

Our range of solutions includes illumination, lightboxes, printed materials, window manifestations (frosting, vinyl) and digital video content via screens or LED.

Store Displays

Store product displays help customers reach what they are looking for while allowing you as a retailer to push the productis and services that you want to upsell.

JMF can help create an effective and stunning display that will improve the liklihood of a purchase, and noticeably increase your conversion rate. This includes sourcing and manufacturing of retail display stands and bespoke fully printed product displays that will get people talking, sharing, and—ultimately—buying your product.

POS (Point-of-Sale) Printing

Support your marketing and product pricing strategy with an effective point-of-sale print from JMF. We offer an in-house print service to help your business, with lower prices and faster turnaround times to meet your point-of-sale needs.

Our team can help you create stunning and effective print materials that will help highlight sales, offers and in-store services, in addition to driving traffic online in multiple ways through omnichannel marketing strategies like click-and-collect.

Our point-of-sale marketing service covers all aspects of printing, from swing tickets, shelf edge graphics, tent cards and call-to-action posters.

Discover Retail Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Our retail marketing and promotion services extend to clients across the retail industry. Here we share some great examples of how we can help drive sales in your sector:

Premium Retailing: Premium Print and Signage, with White Glove Installation

According to a 2021 survey, 76% of consumers have visited a physical retail location based purely on its attractive signage; at the same time, 66% of polled respondents admitted to avoiding a store with low-quality company signage. Considering the importance of premium signage to both brand perception and consumer engagement, it’s vital for retailers to consider professional signage as part of their marketing strategy.

At JMF, we offer some of the finest interior and exterior business signage to retailers all of the UK. Using the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques, we can provide everything from simple hanging signs to more complex illuminated dimensional lettering.

We also offer to all our clients a white glove installation service, ensuring your retail signs are safe, secure, and fixed with minimal disruption to staff and consumers.

Direct-to-Consumer: Bring DTC Brands and Product Marketers into the Mainstream Retail Space

For DTC brands looking to cross into mainstream retail, the key is to focus on the consumer experience and how your product will be integrated into their lives.

At JMF, we have a team of retail experts who can help you understand the consumer journey and develop a retail marketing strategy that will drive sales. We can also provide support with store design, product packaging, and point-of-sale materials, ensuring the service you provide your offline customer is as good as it is for those shopping online.

Value Marketing: Drive Customer Purchase of a Particular Product

When it comes to value marketing, ‘two-for-one’ offers and similar promotions are often the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are a number of other strategies that can be just as effective in driving sales of a particular product.

One such example is using an ‘endless aisle’ solution in your brick-and-mortar store. This involves linking physical products in your store to an online product catalog, allowing customers to purchase items that are out of stock or not carried in-store.

Another great example is using in-store technology to provide customers with access to product information and reviews, as well as the ability to purchase items online and have them delivered to directly to their home.

JMF can help you implement these and other value marketing strategies in your store, ensuring you drive sales and meet your customers’ needs.

Got Retail Stores? See the JMF Difference

Many retailers benefit from JMF Group’s expertise in the sector. We offer in-depth analysis of your requirements and company market, including physical site surveys, to generate lasting strategies and brand installations with lifetime value.

Our retailer clients have stores nationwide and they’re able to cut out the middle man using JMF’s national coverage of installation teams and experience running multi-point consignment deliveries and aftercare; this includes all aspects of setup instruction, short-term stock holding for replacements (in case of damage or missed delivery), and direct customer service to your shop unit managers and regional support teams.

Marketers need never get those weekend calls ever again! Discover more.

Retail Marketing Alongside Your Marketing Mix

You don’t need us to talk about the four Ps and how the promotion of your business should work with the rest of your marketing channels. That said, after years of direct experience with helping retail brands drive customers in-store, we thought we should share a few of the best marketing ideas for your company or market:

Social Media Marketing

Using physical brand activations to attract social media users has been working for years in hospitality, so why not in retail? Think iconic light lettering to create unique customer experiences; think feature wall graphics that play into the locality of your premises; or, put your customers on the catwalk, with photo opportunities formed with anti-slip, high gloss laminates for floor and walls. The opportunities are endless!

Email Marketing

Promotional emails like vouchers and discount codes are fantastic to drive customers into your store. But what if you don’t have those all-important email addresses to begin with? We’ve all heard those “can we email you the receipt?” at checkouts; underwhelming, you bet! Why not show the latest offers your walk-up customers missed via your retail POS, including the first one they’ll get when they sign up. With QR codes now the norm, you can put the conversion mechanic right in their hands and reinforce it via trained staff at the checkout. Then, sit back and watch your conversions explode!

SMS Marketing

Most of the text messaging platforms that you may use for direct marketing or order confirmation will also allow for inbound SMS shortcodes; perfect for POS print like tent cards and A3 posters. Imagine “text MORE to 60011” promoting added value upsells delivered back via SMS. This could be free gifts or discounts applied to add-on products, leaving happy customers, and happy, data-rich marketers.

Media Planning

Traditional advertising like TV ads and radio is often sourced through a buying agency, with the placement and creative handled away from your retail merchandising and sales teams. Connect creatives with 2D interpretations of video marketing assets and generate in-store POS that matches your campaign assets, calls-to-action and personalisation elsewhere in the campaign. We can deliver store-level print campaigns with iconic pieces of POS that mirror the impact and timings of your advertising.

Influencer Marketing

To influence, social media users need inspiration. Showcasing your products in amazing ways, or with jaw-dropping offers, are just a few ideas that brands can use to generate sales from influencer sharing. This requires eye-catching retail marketing displays that will leave consumers salivating for your services. Across our agency, JMF use graphic design, packaging and bespoke display solutions to help achieve these strategies.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to drive retail sales by enticing customers with offers and discounts that can only be found in-store. By creating unique, attention-grabbing content, you can attract social media users to your physical location and increase foot traffic. This only works if you have a prominent point-of-sale display to ensure that customers know they’re in the right place—or how to find your retail shop in the first place!

Web Design

Most businesses have a website, and many businesses use their website to showcase photos of their store. However, not many businesses know how to use their store photography in the most effective way possible. Using your store photography on your website pages through still images, 360 tours or video offers a hugely immersive experience. But this only works if your store looks good. Our specialist POS printing can really assist in the creation of striking displays worthy of being the face of your website.

Public Relations

Retail stores can use PR stunts to get attention from the public and increase foot traffic. However, using PR stunts effectively can be difficult, and it’s important to make sure that the stunt is appropriate for the store’s image and target audience. This can also require the right staging and publicity to get a good volume of people present to maximise the retail marketing potential. We’ve created catwalk graphics, football zones for the world cup and staging points for celebrity appearances and book signings. No matter what retailers have up their sleeves, JMF are ideally placed to help deliver it.

Smaller Business? No Marketing Team? Great!

At JMF we love to work with retailers of all sizes, and we sell our most popular services in easy-to-purchase packages. We can also refer to wonderful partners that can help with any of the above, so contact our sales team now to discuss your needs.

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How can we help?