Stand and Deliver: Display Stands

Picture the scene: you’re at the shops and your basket is full. You’ve got everything you came for as you reach the checkout. Suddenly, your attention is grabbed by the fancy-looking display stand on the counter. Before you know it, you’re walking out of the store with a purchase you weren’t expecting to make!

We’ve all been there! This is the power of an effective point of sale stand. And at JMF Group, our expert print team have comprehensive experience in providing the best display stands and sale displays for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So, if you think a point of sale unit might be right for your business, why not start by taking a look at the tips below?

Sale Display Stands: What Are They?

Simply put, a retail display stand is a type of point of sale (POS) unit that is used to promote products or services to customers in a retail environment.

These stands can be used to attract attention to specific items or products, or to create a visual focal point in the store. They can also be used to promote sales or special offers.

Outside of a shop environment, displays can be found at trade shows, exhibitions, even the humble car boot sale; anywhere you want to promote your brand or your business.

The Types of Display Stand

Point of sale displays come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. A common form is the stock display stand, which is used to display products either on shelves or hanging from hooks. This type of display unit works particularly well for retailers who stock smaller items, such as a jewellery collection.

Other popular forms of display include banners and posters, which can be placed around a store to draw the customer to specific items. Even a simple sign can serve as effective promotion for your business, and present the details of your product or service to a wide section of the public.

Stands and shelves made out of materials such as acrylic are increasingly popular, as they offer durability and versatility. They also allow shop owners the freedom to move the displays to where they are most likely to prove effective.

Display Stand Materials

As mentioned, acrylic is a popular material in the manufacture of sale displays. An acrylic unit can be produced for a low cost, and can be custom-built with your stock in mind. Say you stock irregular items of different shapes and sizes—no problem! An acrylic stand can be developed with your particular needs in mind.

Whilst acrylic stands offer a great deal of durability, sometimes a print-based display stand will work correctly too. Stands manufactured from card can be produced at lower prices, and can be just as effective at getting your newest customer to put your products into their basket.

Get in touch with us today for more info—our experts will be more than happy to advise on the right display for you!

How Can Sale Displays Work for Me?

As mentioned, when it comes to promoting products or services, sale displays are an extremely effective way to catch your customers’ attention. In the retail space, this can often result in them making an immediate purchase. However, they can be equally effective in promoting special offers or sales, which will build brand awareness, and encourage customers to complete their first order days, weeks, or even months after they are first exposed to the display itself.

For companies with a strong web presence, sale display stands can guide customers to your site or online shop. From there they can conveniently search through your range of stock, view your prices, make queries to you directly, open an account, and checkout from the comfort of their home.

The options for display stands are almost endless, but JMF Group are on-hand to offer expert information and advice.

How Do I Design My Retail Displays?

In your search for the perfect display unit, you’ve probably come across countless generic displays. Not only do these displays lack the colour or flare you want, in most cases, they do nothing to show your stock in the best possible light.

That’s why a bespoke display is so important to enhance the reputation of your business. A well-designed display unit can enhance your branding, sell your products or services, and serve as a contact point for a new customer.

There are many factors to consider when designing a retail display, including the colour and style of the stand, the products or services being promoted, and the target audience. Contact our design team today to get started on your custom retail display unit.

Why Choose JMF Group?

When it comes to choosing the right supplier for your company, it’s important to consider more than just price. Money is always a consideration, of course, but you should also take into account the quality, care and expertise which is offered. JMF Group can supply the highest quality products at prices to suit all budgets.

The right display in the right location bridges the gap between you and your next customer. Get in touch today, and JMF will get to work on creating the perfect stand for you!

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How can we help?