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Whether you’re a shop proprietor looking to boost impulse purchases, or a product manufacturer who wants a more attractive display option for your items, point-of-sale displays (POS displays) can be a low-risk, cost-efficient way of achieving your goals.

At JMF Group, we offer the latest in point-of-sale display stands and accessories. Our team are constantly on the hunt for the latest point-of-sale trends, and our range of retail displays is growing all the time. Take a look below for some examples of how we can meet your POS display requirements, and give our team a call for more info!

Free-Standing POS Displays

When it comes to free-standing display units, the modern retailer is spoiled for choice. From leaflet holders to bespoke cardboard shelving units, JMF Group are here to talk to you through the extensive range of options, and help find the right point-of-sale displays for you.

Printed Stands

If you need a low-cost way to promote your product, a printed cardboard POS stand is hard to beat. From a mini counter-top display to a huge floor-standing display, a printed stand is designed to leave a lasting impression on your new customers.

Printed stands offer supreme versatility and customisation options. At JMF, we use the finest in high-quality inks, and our graphic design team have the creativity and the experience to produce artwork which is designed to maximise customer engagement.

In addition to their versatility, printed sale displays also offer extreme utility. If promotion is your aim, a basic cardboard cutout can prove extremely effective at alerting consumers to special offers. If you want to boost sales, a shelf display can be contoured to your product and your retail space.

If you need something a little smaller, the JMF printed tent card can be perfect for your counter or table top. Our pre-creased tent card display packs can be conveniently stored, assembled in seconds, and placed almost anywhere!

Acrylic Stands

While printed sale display units offer extreme customisation options, if you need free-standing displays which last years rather than months, an acrylic stand might be a better option for you.

Acrylic point-of-sale display stands are perfect for holding temporary materials in a busy retail environment. Leaflet holders, for example, need to withstand frequent handling by customers and re-stocking by retailers. Similarly, printed books, business cards, custom printed stationery, and mugs—for heavy products such as these, plastic stands can’t be beaten!

LED Lightboxes

JMF has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of LED lightboxes. As point-of-sale counter display units, lightboxes offer the perfect blend of durability and versatility. You can replace the poster in an A3 LED lightbox for an unbeatable low cost, and, at JMF, our industry-leading poster printing service makes us a one-stop shop for all your POS display needs.

Our specialists supply the best in safe, low-energy LED lighting modules, meaning you don’t have to worry about dangerous heat or high energy bills. We offer free site surveys across the UK, so give us a call if you think lightboxes might work well in your point-of-purchase displays.

Point-of-Sale Displays: Not Just for the Checkout Counter

For many retailers, till-based point-of-sale displays represent the final opportunity to encourage shoppers to grab that impulse item and put it in their basket. However, point-of-sale displays can be placed in any location the customer makes a decision on whether to make a purchase. For the savvy retailer, effective POS materials placed throughout the store can be instrumental in improving sales.

JMF Group sell a huge range of POS display products for use throughout your premises. Depending on your store layout, non-counter sale displays point consumers’ attention to particular products and shelves, and can be an extremely cost-effective method of promotion.

Shelf Strips / Shelf Talkers

Shelf strips and shelf edge labels are a common sight on retail shelves. In their simplest form, shelf strips provide price information to the customer and re-stock guidance for the retailer. Shelf talkers (or shelf barkers) take advantage of shelf strip ubiquity, and turn the functional into the promotional.

Commonly manufactured from cardboard or plastic, a custom-designed JMF shelf talker employs bold graphics to encourage those impulse buys, or draw customer attention to a particular promotion.

Don’t have shelf strips installed in your retail premises? No problem! Our expert installation team are on-hand, with free site surveys across the UK.

Hanging Signs

The popularity of hanging signs as point-of-sale displays has grown dramatically in recent years. From our factory in the North East, JMF print thousands of hanging retail POS units each year, with retailers reporting significant positive customer engagement and an increase in impulse purchases.

Hanging signage at the point of purchase can be used to display bold graphics and store information at highly competitive prices; this allows you as a retailer to alert your customers to temporary sales or POS deals, with the option to swap out the sign when the sale is over.


For purchase displays which can be used store-wide, a JMF poster print can be a simple, affordable solution. We use the latest in printing technology and high-quality inks, to ensure your display graphics really pop.

We stock all standard poster sizes, with custom print sizes available on request. Need a banner for a long-term point-of-sale solution? We can help with that too! Our turnaround for posters and banners is the fastest in the business, meaning your print will be out of our warehouse and in your store in no time!

Swing Tags

For limited-run, small-business items (jewellery, for example), a professional swing tag can be a highly efficient form of retail POS. JMF Group stock the largest selection of swing tag materials, with a huge range of material and string to choose from. For retailers, our barcode integration solutions (including NCR pads) mean your tags will integrate perfectly with your current inventory software and processes.


For many retailers, the COVID-19 pandemic set a new expectation for cleanliness in the workplace. At JMF, we stock a wide range of freestanding and desk-mounted dividers, for use on counters and throughout your store. Our printing professionals can turn these simple acrylic dividers into effective and attractive promotional materials. Give us a call to learn how we can turn your safety screen into a point-of-sale display.

JMF Group: Your New Point-of-Sale Display Supplier

This article has barely scratched the surface when it comes to the POS display products offered by JMF Group. From leaflet holders to cardboard cutout standees of your company’s MD—whatever POS display will get your customer filling their basket, JMF are here to make it a reality!


Our point-of-sale graphic design specialists have the skills and experience to make your product stand out from the crowd.


Our industry-leading manufacturing plant runs 24 hours per day, creating point-of-sale displays which are not only of the highest quality, but which are with you in the quickest time possible.


For clients who need a specialist point-of-sale display, our installation experts work across the country, giving you the confidence that your displays are secure and safe.


At JMF Group, product support doesn’t end after we’ve made a sale. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with your point-of-sale display, from the day it goes up until the day it comes down.

You’re in good hands—call us today!

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How can we help?