Window Displays

A study published by the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that the window displays “play important roles in influencing shoppers’ store entry decisions and their perceptions of brand/store image”. As a retail professional, no one understands this better than you! Whether you’re a sole proprietor or head visual merchandiser for a major brand, you want to create the most engaging window displays possible.

At JMF Group, our print, manufacturer and design teams have spent decades working with window displays. For smaller retailers we take a bespoke approach, considering everything from window space to lighting, and developing a plan which is right for both your business and your premises. For the larger retail business, we can collaborate with your existing team on signage supply and merchandising decisions, making sure you get the perfect tools, props and signage for your retail displays.

Whatever your requirements, JMF have the skills and experience to take your displays to the next level. Have a look below for a short guide to the window display products we offer, and contact us today for a free site survey.

Window Graphics for Your Shop Window Display

The field of visual merchandising is constantly evolving. Now more than ever, the art of creating effective window displays is essential for generating foot traffic, building brand awareness, and increasing sales. It’s no longer enough to rely on your prime real estate to bring in custom; you need to draw attention and provide the experiential value that your target audience can’t get from shopping online.

Visual merchandisers often feel the need to pull out all the stops to create dramatic and striking retail window displays. With endless possibilities for creating visual drama, it’s important to remember that in some instances the simple option is the best. In this respect, printed window graphics and similar products can be a superb option for creating focal points and bringing in customers.

Take a look at some of the options below:

One-Way Vision Film

A popular choice for both buildings and vehicles, one-way vision film consists of a lightweight mesh material onto which any visual or promotional material can be printed. Large-format printing equipment gives the flexibility to fill even the largest shop windows, while the printed nature of this display form allows for unlimited design potential.

For retail stores, the mesh substrate is particularly advantageous, in that it allows natural light without compromising on print quality. This gives the maximum opportunity for promotion in your retail window displays, whilst offering privacy to individuals within the store.

Full-Colour Large-Format Prints

If you want window graphics which show off vivid or high-contrast artwork, full-colour large-format print is a great option. Our print team load your high-resolution images, before running them off in reverse onto a clear vinyl substrate. The graphics are then backed-off with solid white vinyl, which, from the outside, gives maximum visibility and quality; and, from the inside, offers full privacy both day and night.

At JMF, our in-house print studio is equipped with the latest machine technology. We’re able to supply effective window display graphics faster than anyone else, with unparalleled print quality and durability.

Etch Glass Vinyl

Most commonly seen in office spaces as a form of glass manifestation, etch glass vinyl can be used for so much more than health and safety. For many clients, etch glass vinyl represents a subtle, stylish and cost-effective method of window display design. From a faint diffuser to break up a section of plain glass, to a privacy feature, or a frosted design effect; etch glass vinyl, for instance, can be a great way to give your retail window displays that touch of class.

Our North East warehouse is stocked with the largest range of colours and grade variations you’ll find in the UK; we’ll never keep you waiting for your store window display.

Single-Colour Vinyl Lettering

Opening hours signs and bespoke hours of operation signage

Do you like to change your window display regularly? Perhaps you want to inform passers-by of your latest offers, for example? Or maybe you need to display temporary opening times? If the answer is yes, single-colour vinyl lettering can be the ideal choice for your shop window display.

Vinyl lettering is manufactured quickly, easily, and at a price to suit any budget. Non-destructive adhesive makes both application and removal a piece of cake, with no residue left on your shop window. We have a huge range of colour and typeface options, so give us a call today.

Retail Window Display: Lighting, Hardware, and the Latest Technology

If traditional window display graphics aren’t for you, it’s time to start thinking about some more elaborate methods for creating a focal point in your store window. Advances in LED lighting module and touchscreen technologies mean there are now more opportunities than ever to attract customers and dazzle passers-by. Time to think outside the box!


At JMF, our LED experts are able to offer safe and affordable illumination options for products across our range. From fabricated letters, to sign trays, to flex face, and beyond; our low-voltage, low-maintenance, low-power LED modules offer unparalleled lux levels, while their lightweight design allows for simple alteration of your displays’ focal point.

For open and semi-closed window displays, neon and micro neon are on hand to give your window displays that extra edge. Our experts have been installing safe and reliable neon signage for decades, so if you want a retro theme for your retail window displays, get in touch today!

LED Lightboxes

What better way to think outside the box than with a LED lightbox? At JMF, we see more and more businesses looking to lightbox technology for their retail window display signage. LED illumination offers an eye-catching way to reach more customers both throughout the day and at night time, while their portability and versatility mean they can be moved throughout your retail space as your needs change.

What’s more, LED lightboxes represent extremely good value for money: alongside low running and maintenance costs, your lightbox artwork can be swapped out any time with a low-cost, high-quality poster print. Our top-of-the-range poster printing service means you’ll never be shopping around to replace your lightbox graphics: with JMF, you have a one-stop shop!

Digital Screens

Whilst JMF Group have established a reputation as industry leaders in LED lightboxes and signage, we are always looking for the next big thing. Step up, the JMF digitial screen.

Like an LED lightbox, a digital display screen provides an attractive window dressing option, as well as extreme versatility when it comes to graphical focus. If you want to create window displays which highlight key items in your current collection, a digital retail window display will work just as well for Spring as it did for Fall—simply upload the new graphics and you’ll be displaying products in an instant!

At JMF, we can offer touchscreen models, which can be used in windows and throughout your store, providing your customers with the opportunity to engage directly with your brand. Through touchscreen functionality and QR code interaction, your digital window display can be repurposed as a greeting assistant, an information point, or even a stock search tool for all the products in your store.

The JMF Method: Window Displays from Concept to Execution

Here at JMF, we take pride in our ability to provide our clients the best overall experience. Our logistics division work tirelessly to ensure our processes and procedures are unmatched in terms of speed and quality. Take a look at a standard process for retail window displays:

Step 1: Site Survey

Whilst retailers want to retain the same brand and window display theme elements across their stores, the fact remains: no two shops are the same. We can offer shop window display ideas all day, but not until our team assess your shop and your windows, can we develop a concrete plan.

That’s why JMF offer free on-site surveys and drawings to clients across the UK. No matter your location, our engineers are available to carry out an assessment.

Step 2: Design

With the practical stuff out the way, our dedicated window display design team will work with you to create bespoke displays that suit both your creative vision and the limitations of your store. Visual merchandisers know that creating engaging window displays is more art than science. We take everything into account and leave no stone unturned. For example:

  • Are the primary elements of your display at eye level?
  • Do you have only one focal point? Should you try more to avoid clutter?
  • Is your shop display consistent with your brand?
  • Are you looking for closed window displays or open window displays for your store?

Our designers believe that when it comes to retail windows, less is often more. We will never sell you anything you don’t need, and we will never lose focus of the key target: bringing in foot traffic and increasing profits.

Step 3: Production

Since its inception, JMF Group has continued to invest in the latest manufacturing equipment. Our production facility now houses some of the most advanced printing and sign production hardware in the world, allowing us to meet our clients’ window display needs quickly and to the highest quality standard.

Communication is a watch-word for us, and we strive to keep our clients informed from start to finish. You will never need to chase us up to find when you can expect your retail window display.

Step 4: Installation

As a business in the retail sector, you are always considering the safety of your staff and customers. For this reason, professional installation is absolutely essential. You could deal with multiple contractors, including joiners, electricians and vinyl fitters; or, you could take advantage of the all-in-one solution offered by JMF.

All our fitting engineers comply fully with PASMA, IPAF and CSCS accreditation standards. Our installation crews work with retailers across the UK, with a focus on safety, precision, and convenience.

Step 5: Maintainance

Happy with your retail window display? Great! But that’s not the last you’ll hear from us…

For our lighting and screen-based products, we never want to leave you in the lurch. Our signage maintenance contract is designed to help protect and extend the life of your window displays, ensuring they stay looking and performing as good as new. The package includes scheduled visits from our skilled engineers who will clean and service the equipment, check any electrical components, and replace anything which needs attention.

JMF Group: The Last Word in Shop Window Displays

Retail window displays do more than merely give shoppers an example of your products. At their best, they let customers connect with your brand, and give you the opportunity to use your space to its full potential.

Contact JMF Group today to discuss how we can help bring to life the vision you have for your retail window displays. We guarantee the best in price, product, and experience.

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How can we help?