JMF Group: The Ultimate Corporate Events Partner

As a leading provider of end-to-end events services, we know the challenges that come with putting together a memorable, impactful, and commercially successful corporate event. And, more importantly, we know how to overcome them.

Whether you’re a seasoned events strategist or you’re venturing into the field for the first time, our print, fabrication, and corporate event management teams have the tools you need to bring your ideas to life. From conferences and exhibitions to product launches, awards ceremonies, and fashion shows, our dedicated experts will go the extra mile to ensure your event is a success.

Our Event Services


Signage manufacture is at the heart of JMF. Our time-served fabrication crew are dedicated to delivering only the finest displays, focussing always on quality, clarity, and value.


From brochures to beermats — whatever you need to support your business events, our industry-leading print facilities will deliver on time, at scale, and to the highest quality.


Our manufacturing crew produces the widest range of custom units and displays, integrated illuminated modular units, wall panels, and exhibition stands.


We design, develop, and manufacture staging and setting materials that work for every location and allow for simple transportation, installation, removal, storage, and reuse.


JMF’s illumination specialists have spent years developing safe and energy efficient LED modules and neon lighting solutions, suitable for both interior and exterior use.


Our in-house creatives produce high-impact visuals that effectively communicate our clients’ messages to prospective clients, whilst complementing their existing branding.

Set Up

Our fully accredited in-house installation engineers work across the UK, assisting clients with every aspect of event set up and staging, including power, video, sound, and lighting.

Take Down

What goes up must come down, and with JMF you can trust your assets will be dismantled, safely and securely, ready for transportation and storage.


With our nationwide profile and bespoke JMF Live system, our clients benefit from 24/7 support and contingency assistance before, during, and after every event.


Your event assets are a long-term investment — that’s why we offer corporate clients a reskinning service to minimise waste and ensure your messaging always stays up-to-date.

How We Support Corporate Event Hosts

For even the most experienced event managers, executing corporate events can be a stressful proposition.

JMF’s straightforward client-centric services are designed to alleviate those stresses, helping event hosts to predict obstacles, identify opportunities, and meet them both head-on.

End-to-End Event Management Solutions

JMF is a one-stop shop. With all the services you need under one roof, there’s no need to waste time and energy coordinating multiple vendors, suppliers, and independent contractors.

By providing continuity across our event management services, we ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the entire event process. This continuity further serves to improve communication and consistency, as each element of an event is aligned with the goals and overall strategy of the brand. With strong communication comes greater flexibility, allowing us to serve events that are robust yet adaptable, with the capacity to incorporate last-minute alterations, delegate management issues, or itinerary changes.

By entrusting JMF to run their events, our clients increase their efficiency, maintaining focus on their core operations and leaving us to do all the heavy lifting. Combined with the economies of scale and reduced costs that come from an all-service partner, JMF’s end-to-end solutions represent real value and significant cost benefits.

Dressing a Blank Canvas

Whether you’re working with a hotel conference room, an event hall, a lecture theatre, or somewhere entirely unique, as an event host it’s your job to ensure the space is dressed to impress. Painting this tapestry is a unique skill, and the JMF artists can help.

Our event production team works closely with clients to find themes that align perfectly with the visuals and personalities of their brands. We help event hosts develop innovative ideas for translating a chosen theme across a given venue, using visual components to tell their brand story, leaving attendees with a positive enduring impression.

Magic Moments

JMF specialise in providing ‘magic’ moments — those unforgettable event experiences that impress clients and cement your company name in the minds of attendees.

Sometimes this means elaborate interactive activities and team-building exercises; sometimes it’s as simple as unique event decor. Whatever the brief, our talented corporate event planners collaborate with clients to develop custom solutions that align with their brands and resonate with their audiences.

Beyond merely conceiving these memorable experiences, we provide full support to ensure they are delivered to the highest standards. Utilising the latest technologies and fabrication techniques, we produce impactful print collateral, group materials, and display assets, all of which are synchronised to support the successful delivery of all our clients’ in-person events.

How We Support Corporate Event Planner Agencies

As an events professional, you’re not looking to put on just another trade show — you want to create events that offer immersive and unforgettable experiences, supplying tangible value to exhibitors and attendees alike.

That’s why our event planning services go beyond the typical checklists, with an unwavering commitment to building truly bespoke experiences tailored to your audiences.

Your Space. Your Way.

At any business event, from Christmas parties to corporate get-togethers, creating a strong visual identity is crucial to establishing a professional image and delivering a consistent message to attendees. And, whilst many exhibition and event organisers have the creative skills to visualise the presentation of their space, finding the right team to execute this vision can prove time consuming and expensive.

That’s where JMF comes in. We can provide branding and livery services for all key areas of an exhibition space, from entrance areas and main halls, to seminar rooms and breakout spaces. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with your planning team to create a cohesive brand experience that reflects the unique identity of your event, using a range of materials and techniques to bring your vision to life.

Our branding and livery services are built with customisation in mind, allowing event planners to choose from a wide range of stylistic options to create a look that’s tailored to their specific needs. From customised banners and signage to branded promotional materials and giveaways — we provide everything a planner could need to make a lasting impression on attendees and create a memorable event experience.

Seamless Nationwide Support

Our in-house installation teams work across the UK, putting unforgettable corporate events into action no matter how remote the location. For event planners, this means no more relying on multiple providers, coordinating multiple partners, and worrying about the quality of each delivery — with JMF, you get a single, unified point of contact. And, with our team taking care of all your needs on the ground, you’re free to focus on delivering a great event experience.

Our custom-built facilities management software — JMF Live — provides additional support for event operations and venue management, with real-time data to keep everything running smoothly on the day. The platform offers tracking, procurement, and live support, as well as long-term maintenance services such as repairs, replacements, upgrades, and cleaning.

Pre-Show Marketing

One of the most critical components of any successful event is attracting exhibitors and vendors to showcase their products and services. To help event organisers achieve this, we offer a range of pre-show marketing services that target both exhibitors and attendees, improving the value proposition of participation, and maximising the sale of unit inventory.

Our team works closely with event planners to create compelling pre-show materials aimed at their specific audiences. This includes brochures, flyers, and promotional collateral, all of which highlight the benefits of exhibiting at their event. By working with our team, planners can ensure that their event is a success from start to finish, delivering a memorable experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

How We Support Exhibitors

In a challenging financial climate, exhibitors need to be certain they’ll see a return on the time and money they invest.

JMF arms vendors with the weapons they need to maximise the value returned from exhibiting, increasing footfall to their stand, and ensuring that leads are converted into sales.

Stand-Out Branding

In a crowded trade show or exhibition hall, creating a striking presence is essential for boosting visibility, attracting foot traffic, and maximising value. To help businesses achieve this, we offer comprehensive unit branding services that allow exhibitors to tailor their space to perfectly fit the look and feel of their brand.

Our team of experienced designers works closely with exhibitors to create eye-catching displays that not only capture the authentic essence of their brands, but which are developed specifically to increase foot traffic and generate opportunities for meaningful engagement.

From customised signage and flooring, to Foamex wall panels, banners, and more — our experienced team collaborates with vendors to implement unique and powerful branding experiences that are guaranteed to make an impact at any event.

Powerful Point-of-Sale

For many exhibitors, a trade show isn’t merely an opportunity to showcase their products and services; it’s an opportunity to sell them directly to a motivated audience of decision-makers. That’s why we offer a complete point-of-sale solution, allowing exhibitors to easily display product information, take payments, and engage customers with special offers or promotions.

Our portable counters are fully customisable, providing businesses with a flexible and practical solution for showcasing their offerings. We also offer a range of sales literature options, including brochures, flyers, and product catalogues, helping businesses effectively communicate to attendees and increase sales even after their event is over.

In addition, we provide a range of POS display solutions, including pop-up banners, tabletop displays, and backdrops, to create a visually appealing and engaging space that attracts attendees and maximises sales opportunities. With our point-of-sale solutions, businesses can showcase their products and services effectively and — more importantly — convert attendees into customers.

Dazzling Illumination

Illumination is one of JMF’s core services, and we love bringing our lighting expertise to bear at trade shows and exhibitions.

Our team of lighting experts provide a range of lighting solutions including LED displays, truss systems, neon, LED neon, and more. The result is an electrifying atmosphere that draws people in and makes your role in an event an unforgettable one.

All of our lighting services are customisable and reusable, meaning that you can deploy the same set-up across multiple events and save money in the process. What’s more, our experienced technicians are on hand at all times, ensuring everything runs safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

How We Support Venues

For event venues, the primary goal is simple: secure those bookings. But with competition growing and budgets shrinking, achieving it means offering more.

With our white-label events solutions, JMF helps venues substantially increase their level of service, providing premium add-ons which attract, engage, and retain valuable bookings.

White-Label Branding

For event organisers, it’s important to know that a venue can accommodate their branding and display needs. They want to know that a location is suitable for offering attendees a seamless experience, without unforeseen restrictions.

With JMF as a white-label partner, your venue can offer a premium branding experience that works for them, allowing bookers to customise their event without the need to approach a separate vendor. Our experienced team will work with organisers on your behalf, getting to grips with their requirements and expectations, and helping to design a space that complements both their brand identity and your location.

From customised entrance materials to breakout areas and seating, you can offer a full suite of brand solutions without the expenses of an in-house creative team. You can trust our experts to develop visually stunning and immersive experiences — experiences that complement the characteristics of your venue, but which don’t impact its day-to-day operations.

White-Label Print

Print collateral is a key consideration for most event bookers. From brochures to catalogues, flyers to stickers, business cards to promo packs — they want their materials available on the day, with no hiccups.

To this end, we offer venues a comprehensive white-label print solution, delivering the highest-quality collateral, directly to you, at the most competitive rates. This not ensures your clients have the resources they need to make their event a success, it increases the value proposition of your location, with an all-in-one solution that provides a smooth booking experience with a single point of contact.

White-Label Logistics

At JMF, we understand that hosting events can be stressful for venues, especially when it comes to setup and logistics. To help venues achieve a stress-free event experience, we offer comprehensive setup services that take care of every detail, from staging, lighting, and electronics, to event logistics and coordination.

Our experienced team works closely with venues to understand their setup requirements and design a plan-of-action that meets their needs as well as those of their clients. Our in-house engineering teams are fully accredited, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and safely. From setup to breakdown, with JMF’s installation services, you can relax and enjoy a stress-free event experience.

JMF Group: Corporate Event Planning and So Much More

At JMF Group, we offer a comprehensive range of event services and support to help event organisers create a successful and memorable experience. From corporate events to trade shows, product launches to conferences — we’re here for you.

Our experienced team are passionate about events, providing white-label branding solutions, lighting displays, point-of-sale solutions, print collateral and logistics support. We understand that events are all about the details, so we’ve got you covered on those too — from customised entrances and seating to branded displays and breakout areas.

We believe in creating an atmosphere of energy and excitement at every event. Our goal is to help make your event a memorable success, without compromising on safety and quality.

So if you’re looking for a reliable event planning partner, look no further — the JMF Group has got your back! Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your next event a truly memorable one.

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How can we help?