Maximise Your Impact with Top-Quality Large Format Printing Solutions

Are you contemplating the possibilities of large format printing for your business or project? Understanding its scope and capabilities can be essential in making a decisive choice. Large format printing offers a wide range of applications, from striking advertising to robust outdoor displays, providing solutions that make a statement. This article delves into how large format printing can enhance visibility and impact, the materials and technology involved, and where to obtain top-notch services for your printing needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Large format printing has evolved significantly over the past 25 years, offering high-quality, customised print solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, from posters to vehicle wraps.
  • A variety of materials can be used for large format prints, each influencing the final product’s appearance and durability, with options ranging from PVC banners and vinyl to metal and wood, accommodating both indoor and outdoor use.
  • JMF Group, with over 30 years of experience, provides comprehensive large format printing services, ensuring client-specific customisation, high-quality materials, and expert installation, which are instrumental in maximising brand visibility and longevity of the prints.

Exploring the World of Large Format Printing

Large format printing press in operation

Over the past 25 years, large format printing, also referred to as wide-format printing, has undergone significant changes. The advent of specialised equipment capable of handling material widths between 18-100 inches has made this possible. Today, advancements in technology, such as remote printer control and overnight operation, have increased the accessibility and productivity of large format printing, including large format poster printing. These improvements have made it an ideal large format print choice for high-resolution images, vibrant colors, and bold typography – vital for creating eye-catching displays.

Leading this evolution is JMF Group. With over 30 years of experience, this multidisciplinary company provides top-tier large format printing services to brands, businesses, and individuals across the UK. Their expertise and the advanced capabilities of large format printers have made them a trusted partner for many. Whether it’s construction graphics, vehicle wraps, or retail displays, JMF Group ensures that every large format print job is tailored to the specific needs of the customer, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

The Spectrum of Large Format Print Materials

A key benefit of large format printing comes from its ability to accommodate a wide array of materials. Whether it’s traditional substrates like paper and vinyl or rigid options such as metals and woods, the choice of material can greatly influence the end result. Let’s take PVC banners for instance. Known for their versatility and durability, PVC banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be printed using a variety of technologies, including solvent, UV, and latex banner printing.

In terms of large format printing on paper, the selection of appropriate properties plays a significant role in the final product’s outcome, impacting everything from CAD drawings to fine art reproductions. Some important properties to consider are:

  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Opacity
  • Finish

For businesses focusing on sustainability, materials such as recyclable PET and PP are available. Additionally, there are also customisable options like long-lasting self-adhesive vinyl and printable wallpaper, which are ideal for retail and corporate branding. The material selection underscores the adaptability of large format print to suit diverse applications, a trait that JMF Group leverages to provide a wide range of large format print solutions.

Customised Large Format Prints for Every Business Need

In business, a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective. This holds particularly true for large format prints, where custom sizes can greatly influence the end result. JMF Group understands this well, offering custom-sized rigid board products and magnetic signs to meet specific business needs. But their customisation capabilities go beyond just size. With a full-service approach encompassing creative design and branding to the physical manufacture of media solutions, JMF Group delivers tailored graphics that align with their clients’ branding and message.

This ability to customise extends to industry-specific solutions as well. Whether it’s engaging audiences in retail, hospitality, events, or more, JMF Group provides solutions that make an impact. From bespoke signage to compelling marketing materials, every piece is designed to resonate with the target audience and drive business objectives.

The Art of Outdoor Advertising with Large Format Prints

Outdoor large format advertising billboard

Consider outdoor advertising as an art form, with large format prints serving as the paintbrush. With the average person exposed to over an hour of outdoor ads weekly, outdoor posters and large banners offer a high-impact advertising option that enhances brand visibility through sizeable billboards, banners, and window displays. Moreover, materials such as PVC banners, mesh PVC for wind resistance, and water and UV resistant Di Bond and sizeable boards cater to diverse weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of the ads.

But the real magic lies in the execution of these ads, and that’s where JMF Group shines. Their comprehensive installation services for outdoor advertising range from building wraps, like the massive Stratford Station façade, to scalable signage installations across multiple retail locations. By combining high-quality materials with expert installation, large format prints serve as powerful tools for outdoor advertising.

Transforming Interiors with Large Format Graphics

Custom interior large format wallpaper design

The influence of large format prints isn’t confined to outdoor spaces; they also have the capacity to revolutionise interiors. Take custom wallpaper, for instance. It can significantly alter the ambiance of a room, contributing to the mood, and offering a medium for self-expression. The strategic use of colour, texture, and pattern in wallpaper can manipulate room perceptions, making spaces feel larger or more intimate. Moreover, wallpapers can establish a theme, inject personality, and turn underutilised areas into stylish nooks within the home.

In the context of retail and hospitality interiors, bold feature wallpaper serves as a dynamic branding element, enhancing customer engagement. Whether it’s a minimalist design for a modern office or a vibrant pattern for a retail store, large format graphics, including window graphics, can dramatically transform any interior space, providing a unique brand experience for visitors and employees alike.

Vehicle Wraps: Mobile Branding Solutions

Vehicle wrap installation process

Picture this: your brand message traversing the highway, catching the eye of thousands of potential customers. This is the impact that vehicle wraps can make – offering a potent, cost-efficient mobile advertising strategy. Vehicle wraps capture attention quietly without disruption, leading to an overall positive customer response and engagement. What’s more, compared to ongoing costs for billboards and static advertisements, vehicle wraps offer long-term benefits from an initial investment.

Vehicle wraps offer businesses the following benefits:

  • They can potentially reach tens of thousands of viewers per month, creating immense lead opportunities across traveled roads.
  • Businesses have complete control over their advertising space, eliminating competitors’ access to the space.
  • The wraps offer a plethora of design options with no limitations on colours, textures, or finishes, allowing businesses to showcase their brand uniquely.

At the helm of providing this mobile branding solution is JMF Group. Their expertise in vehicle wraps ensures that the advertisement travels across the vehicle’s service areas, greatly extending the potential audience reach. Whether it’s a small car or a large truck, JMF Group has the capability to wrap any vehicle, turning it into a moving billboard for your business.

Ensuring Longevity: Protecting Your Large Format Prints

Even though large format prints are compelling, their effectiveness could be fleeting without adequate protection, hence the importance of lamination. By laminating large format prints, their durability is enhanced, making them more resistant to physical damage such as creasing and wrinkling. It also allows for easier cleaning, protects against UV light, and contributes to the overall robustness of the print.

There are two primary types of lamination: film and liquid. Film is suitable for smooth surfaces, while liquid is better for textured media. Laminated prints are simpler to clean and maintain, which helps in preserving their visual quality by protecting against dirt and smudges. But before laminating, it’s essential to allow solvent and eco-solvent inks to cure properly, typically for 24 hours, to prevent a cloudy appearance caused by trapping solvents beneath the laminate.

By ensuring proper protection, the longevity and impact of your large format prints can be significantly enhanced.

The Advantages of Digital Printing Technology

Besides discussing the applications and advantages of large format printing, understanding the underlying technology is also critical. One key advancement in this domain is digital printing technology. With instant ink drying, digital printing reduces processing time, allowing for faster turnaround times and enhanced operational efficiency. The technology also caters to both low and high volume printing and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses due to its flexibility and lower minimum order requirements.

JMF Group leverages the power of digital printing technology to offer printed graphics with:

  • Improved image resolution and colour accuracy
  • High-quality, clear, colourful graphics and aesthetics
  • Ability to handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses
  • Excellent adhesion and prolonged legibility under harsh conditions

The advantages of digital printing technology, combined with the expertise of JMF Group, make for a superior large format printing solution.

Project Showcase: JMF Group’s Large Format Printing Excellence

Nothing speaks louder about JMF Group’s excellence in large format printing than their successful projects. Whether it’s managing projects of any size from expansive outdoor wraps to detailed marketing collateral like print white business cards, JMF Group’s print solutions captivate audiences and enhance brand visibility.

Take the Nike Edgar Davids Building Wrap, a record-setting outdoor advertising project. This masterpiece showcases JMF Group’s ability to deliver large format print installations with significant impact. Another testament to their skill is the comprehensive interior and exterior large format graphics update they provided for St Mirren Stadium, transforming key areas of the venue.

And for underutilised, JMF Group provided a full suite of services, including:

These projects underscore JMF Group’s commitment to delivering top-quality large format print solutions.

Expert Installation Services: From Concept to Completion

Professional large format print installation team

Producing a high-quality large format print is just part of the process. Guaranteeing its flawless installation is of equal importance. JMF Group provides professional installation services for large format prints, including at-height installations using “cherry picker” elevated platforms for precise and safe execution. Their in-house design and manufacturing divisions enhance the full cycle of large format printing solutions, ensuring each project’s success from the initial concept to the final execution of the advertising campaigns.

With over 30 years of experience, JMF Group offers:

  • Quality, efficiency, and reliability in delivering media solutions
  • A focus on client-first delivery
  • Comprehensive installation services
  • Handling of large format print needs from concept to completion

Businesses can trust JMF Group to meet their media needs.

Navigating Large Format Print Options: Consulting with JMF Group

Selecting appropriate print materials and designs can be daunting, but the expertise of JMF Group can simplify this task. They provide:

  • Full design consultation services for large format printing
  • Work with bespoke graphics or existing designs to customise prints that align with a brand’s identity
  • Detailed material and application advice to ensure that the finishing options and materials selected are ideally suited for each specific large format print project.

JMF Group’s consultation services are tailored to different industries. Utilising their extensive industry knowledge, they provide specialised material and design recommendations for sectors such as retail, hospitality, and events. With over 30 years of experience, JMF Group emphasises a client-first strategy throughout their design and consulting process, striving to deliver quality, efficiency, and reliability in all their large format print solutions.

Maximising Visibility with Floor Graphics and Decals

In advertising, every square inch of space is valuable, including the floor. Floor graphics serve as effective tools for both marketing and wayfinding, guiding customers to products and departments and thus enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. Floor decals, featuring a company’s branding and special promotions, can catch attention in strategic locations like entrances and checkout lines, boosting visibility.

Vinyl floor graphics and vinyl banners offer limitless design possibilities, providing businesses with the ability to:

  • Tailor size, colour, and messaging to their specific brand and safety requirements
  • Utilise floor space for advertising, saving space for other uses
  • Offer a cost-effective, independent installation with no required maintenance

This makes vinyl floor graphics suitable for various industries.

Whether it’s safety stickers to adhere to health regulations or colourful decals to guide customers, floor graphics, and floor stickers offer a unique way to maximise visibility.

Flags, Banners, and Exhibition Stands: Event Branding Essentials

In the realm of event branding, personalised flags, banners, and exhibition stands are unrivalled in their ability to stand out. With options like feather flags and teardrop flags available in multiple sizes, these tools provide a dynamic way to capture attention at trade shows and events. Custom flags can be ordered in any size or quantity, with various finishing options, allowing for versatility in event branding.

Apart from flags, pop-up display stands and wide roller banners also offer a larger visual presence at events, enhancing the brand’s visibility. And with JMF Group providing full-service event branding, hosts, exhibitors, planners, and venues can rely on them for unrivalled and time-sensitive end-to-end solutions. Whether it’s a small seminar or a large trade show, JMF Group’s event branding essentials are sure to make a lasting impression.


In a world where standing out is crucial, large format printing offers businesses a powerful tool to captivate audiences and enhance brand visibility. From outdoor advertising to interior transformation, from mobile branding solutions to event branding essentials, this versatile medium caters to a myriad of business needs. With the expertise of JMF Group, businesses can navigate the world of large format printing with ease, ensuring high-quality prints that resonate with their brand’s identity. So, if you’re looking to make a big impression, it’s time to think large format!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print a large sized document?

To print a large document, like a poster or banner, you can use the tiling option to split the page across multiple sheets of paper, which calculates the number of sheets needed and allows you to adjust the size and overlap of each “tile”.

What prints large copies? offers high-quality and affordable large format printing for posters in popular sizes like A2, A1, and A0. You can design and print your large format poster online or upload your own print file. It also provides industry-specific poster templates.

What is the best image size for large format printing?

For large format printing, the best image size is at least 100 dpi, as larger files do not require a resolution as high as the traditional 300 dpi for smaller print jobs. This lower resolution will still produce crisp and clear images.

What is large format digital printing?

Large format digital printing is a form of digital printing that produces finished products ranging from 18” to 130” in size, commonly referred to as wide format printing. Printers with capacities over 100 inches wide are considered super-wide or grand format.

What are some common applications of large format printing?

Large format printing is commonly used for marketing and branding through construction graphics, vehicle wraps, retail displays, custom wallpaper, and branding elements within interior spaces. It is a versatile tool for various advertising efforts.

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How can we help?