Whose Round Is It? Commercial Pub Signs

It’s no secret the challenges faced by the pub industry. Since the turn of the century, the number of pubs in the UK has decreased by 23%, with the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbating the situation. For those pubs determined to weather the storm, it’s vital to ensure your pub and bar signs are of the highest possible quality, designed to attract new customers and improve the experience of those you already have—that’s where JMF comes in!

At JMF, our expert team have spent four decades supplying amazing pub signage to establishments all over the country. From traditional pubs signs, to bar signs, to inn signs, our design and manufacturing expertise are second to none; you can be confident the bespoke signs we develop will be striking, effective, and brand-appropriate.

For more information on our vast range of pub sign solutions, give our team a call today. Alternatively, grab a drink, and read on for our guide to all things pub signage.

Designing Pub Signs for Your Brand

There are a few things to think about when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind pub signs:


What are the distinguishing features of your brand’s personality and what message do you want to send with your signage? Perhaps you run a traditional pub with a unique heritage or interesting history? Or maybe it’s your delicious pub menu that sets you apart? Whatever your brand’s nuances, you want to produce signage that is accurate and faithful, and which gets customers through the doors.


What specific kind of establishment do you operate? Are you a local pub, a country pub, a gastro-pub, or a pub-cum-wine bar? Your company signage must be representative of your product, service, and location; customers will form certain assumptions and expect certain things based on the image portrayed by what’s above the door.


Is your pub located in a bustling shopping district or tucked away in a sleepy rural hamlet? Your business’s location should already have given you a decor style, and it should also assist you in determining the style and tone of your pub signs.


The issue of when you need customers to see your signs is a frequently neglected aspect of sign design. If you want your outside bar sign to be highly noticeable to pedestrians during the day and night, an illuminated sign may be the ideal solution. If the sign is meant only for customers to read while the business is open, you may choose a less complicated design.


How do you want your bar signs to be made? We provide a comprehensive selection of sign options at JMF, from traditional hand-painted signs and gold leaf gilding, to vinyl lettering and window graphics, to the most cutting-edge digital printing solutions.


Lastly, keep in mind what you want your signs to accomplish. Is your bar sign intended to market or to educate? Is it intended to entice new consumers or simply reaffirm your brand identity for existing ones?

Can JMF Create Personalised Bar Signs for My Home Pub?

With the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns came a spike in demand for home bar sign materials.

At JMF Group, we produce pub signage that is specifically designed to cope with the durability demands of commercial premises. For this reason, a personalised pub sign from JMF is probably surplus to the requirements of the average home bar.

However, if you’re looking to impress your friends, and only the most premium signage will do for your house, give us a call to chat about options.

Exterior Pub Signs

Exterior signage is frequently the first impression your visitors will have of your property; it’s critical to make sure it’s a positive one!

Take a look below for some of our favourite exterior pub and bar sign options:

External Hanging Pub Sign

For many landlords and patrons, a pub isn’t a pub until it has a traditional hanging pub sign!

These double-sided signs offer quality, visibility, and personality, with the ability to incorporate logos, branding, and pub mascots.

Available in various sizes, and with a vast range of material, colour, and finishing options available, hanging signs are the ideal way to attract passers-by and welcome guests to your establishment.


Perfect for busy pavement and areas with high footfall, A-boards are a versatile and cost-effective exterior pub sign solution.

The classic A-board design is a wonderful way to welcome old guests and attract new ones with its durability, mobility, and simple storage.

Neon Signs / Micro Neon Signs

For many of us, ‘bar sign’ and ‘neon sign’ are almost synonymous.

We’ve spent decades supplying safe and long-lasting neon signs at JMF, with the widest variety of colours in the most vibrant hues. Furthermore, we can manufacture LED-based micro neon alternatives that are more long-lasting, malleable, and energy-efficient than traditional neon tubes.

Built-Up Letters

For modern bars and gastro-pubs looking for premium styling, why not consider built-up letters?

Built-up letters are hand-fabricated from a wide range of materials, including steel, bronze, and aluminum. Available in various sizes to suit all external fascias, built-up signage is extremely durable with a high-quality appearance.

Flat-Cut Letters

For a more subtle pub sign or bar sign, flat-cut lettering can be a fantastic choice.

Flat-cut letters are laser-cut from a single sheet of material, giving you more opportunity to develop complex shapes and logos, which, when supplied with an item from our premium LED selection, results in a pub sign that looks amazing both day and night!

Interior Pub Signs

When it comes to interior pub sign solutions, you want to find something which is decorative, but which also fits with the ambience of your establishment.

The following are some of the most well-known categories for interior pub signs:

Neon Signs / Micro Neon Signs

Neon signs are both popular and timeless, providing a luxurious, premium appeal to any décor. Micro neon is particularly useful for interior signage, as it can be fashioned into a specific word (think: “bar”; “drink”; “beer”), or even your company logo.

LED Lightboxes

LED lightboxes are perfect for displaying menu details or relevant promotional details.

With desktop and free-standing units available, this durable sign format has the added advantage of being able to change marketing materials with the simple click of a button.

Window Graphics / Window Manifestation

If you have a big frontage or windows that are visible to passers-by, make the most of this valuable real estate with some full-colour printed window graphics.

Alternatively, consider our frosted manifestation: a fantastic way to offer some privacy for your guests, while keeping the classy ambience you’ve established.

Instructional / Informational Pub Signs

Your bar signage shouldn’t be used solely for getting a customer through the door, but for ensuring they have a positive experience when they do.

Wayfinding, mandatory, and health and safety signage are vital considerations for pubs, restaurants, shops, offices, and businesses of all kinds. Take a look below for some you might not have thought about:

Toilet Signs

There’s no way to avoid it—toilet signs are required for every company, and pubs are no exception. We have a range of pre-designed toilet signs, or if you want something a little more unique, our design team can come up with something perfect for your establishment!

Directional Kitchen / Lounge / Bar Sign

Signs that help visitors and staff navigate to areas such as the kitchen, bar, and lounge might be beneficial for both parties, ensuring that their time at your establishment is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Directional Smoking Area / Beer Garden Signs

Bar and pub owners are increasingly offering beer gardens and designated smoking areas for their customers. This is accompanied by the need for effective wayfinding signage.

No Smoking Signs

No smoking signs are now a legal requirement for all pubs and bars, having been introduced as an essential component of the smoking ban in 2007.

Fire Exit Signs

In the event of an emergency, public buildings must have well-labelled fire exits to make staff and visitors feel secure. This allows your employees and customers to evacuate the building quickly and safely.

First-Aid Signs

First-aid signs will assist staff and consumers in finding the first-aid area in the event of an accident or injury.

Designated Smoking Area Signs

Signs that designate a smoking area may be used to direct people to specific locations where they are permitted to smoke.

Dogs Welcome Signs

As any dog owner will attest, there are few bigger draws than knowing a location is dog-friendly! Placing a “Dogs Welcome” sign in a visible location will let dog-walking customers know that they (and their furry friends) are more than welcome!

JMF Group: Your One-Stop-Shop for Pub Signs

At JMF, we consider ourselves more than just a sign supplier. Our full-service agency is a one-stop shop, meaning we can provide everything from initial design concepts through to installation. Our comprehensive service includes:

Site Visit

All of our clients throughout the UK are entitled to a free on-site inspection. This is an opportunity for us to, firstly, assess your specific sign requirements, and secondly, to get a feel for the overall look and atmosphere of your pub.


Our in-house staff of designers will collaborate with you to design the ideal sign for your bar, taking into account your company’s aesthetic, budget, and any specific sign requirements you might have.


Our signs are created on-site at our factory in the North East. This allows us to keep tight control over the manufacturing process throughout, and complete your order in the shortest possible time. We have a huge collection of sign and illumination materials and take pride in our ability to deliver business signs of the very highest quality.


After your signage is completed, our skilled installation staff will install them promptly and expertly, with as little disruption to your business as possible.


After your signs are erected, we provide a comprehensive maintenance service to guarantee that they survive for years to come.

What Are You Waiting For?

Your search for a new pub or bar sign is finally over—JMF is here!

Our wall and bar signs will boost brand recognition and customer experience, all at a fair price that suits any budget.

Still interested? Give us a call today! We can’t wait to get to work!

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How can we help?