Toilet Signs and Washroom Signs: A Solution for Every Workplace

The average Brit visits the toilet between six and eight times every day—that’s 2,500 times per year and works out at a whopping three years over a lifetime. For business owners, that means providing adequate toilet signage is not only a legal requirement but also a great way to improve employee morale and provide a great customer experience.

At JMF Group, we’ve spent nearly 40 years supplying sign solutions to businesses just like yours. From toilet door signs to informational sign materials in the washroom itself, our team of experts can help you find the perfect signs for your company.

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The Importance of Toilet Signage

Hygiene and Cleanliness

It’s no secret that workplace restrooms can be a breeding ground for germs. A public washroom can play host to more than 40,000 germs, and it’s essential for businesses to protect staff and customers from this invisible threat.

To help boost hygiene and minimise contamination, many workplaces are turning to toilet signs, washroom signs, and signs for cleaning areas that remind employees to wash their hands. Similarly, staff-updated inspection signs can not only improve levels of cleanliness throughout your site but can be used as part of a wider health and safety policy.


Let’s be honest—who hasn’t found themselves caught short in an unfamiliar location? And when the unfortunate situation arises, the last thing you want is to wonder where you can find the nearest toilets!

Your customers, staff, and on-site visitors want to feel comfortable when they’re on your premises. Effective bathroom signs, properly displayed on walls and prominent surfaces, can direct staff and visitors to the closest set of bathrooms. (And save them the embarrassment of a panicked search!)


Gender orientation, identity, and expression are important issues for many workers and customers. In response, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to eschew the traditional male and female toilet signs in favour of unisex and gender-neutral bathroom signage.

If inclusivity is an important issue for your company, progressive toilet signs can be a great way to show your commitment to open-minded ideals.


Toilet door signs are a simple but effective way to ensure that your workplace restrooms are well-marked. They can be placed on the outside of the door, or the inside so that they’re visible to anyone exiting the bathroom.

Wall Signs

Wall signs are another popular option for toilet signage. These can be placed above the door, on the wall next to the door, or even on the ceiling so that they’re visible to everyone in the room.

Floor Signs

For businesses with larger restrooms, floor signs can be a great way to direct traffic. Floor signs can be placed at the entrance to the restroom, near toilet doors, or even in front of urinals to remind visitors to wash their hands or maintain a safe distance.

Toilet Sign Material Options

Toilet signs can be produced from a range of materials to suit the unique style of your business or brand. Some popular options include:


Plastic toilet signs are a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, low-hassle option.

Available in a wide range of colour options, they can be manufactured with any message you’d like, from hygiene information to business promotion (a link to your website or general shop information, for instance).


Metal washroom signs are a great choice if you want something more durable, or if you want to align the signs in your toilets with the rest of your décor and marketing material.

They’re available in a range of finishes—including aluminium, brushed steel, and polished brass—so we’re sure to have something that’s just perfect.


Acrylic toilet signs are another popular option. They offer a high-quality look and can be printed with any text or design you like.

Acrylic signs are available at a low price, with bulk discounts available—if you like to change your sign items regularly to keep them relevant, acrylic might just be the ideal option.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

A self-adhesive vinyl toilet sign is another low-price option—one that’s also incredibly easy to apply.

Our self-adhesive vinyl is cut to your specifications, enabling us to create a visual effect that’s entirely yours. It’s also easy to remove when you want to make a change, making it an ideal option for businesses that like to keep their toilets up-to-date.

Which Businesses Might Need a Toilet Sign?


If you run a store, chances are you have a restroom. Toilet sign materials can be a great way to ensure that your customers know where to find the nearest toilet or changing facilities—if they don’t have to search, they have more time for shopping!


For hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bar settings with more than 10 seats, customer toilets are a legal requirement. Toilet signs can help to direct guests to the nearest facilities, and can also be used to provide directions in the event of an emergency.


Offices often have multiple restrooms, and keeping them clean can be an ongoing challenge. Through effective hygiene signs, you can account for potential contamination issues, and even save on cleaning costs in the long run. They can also provide staff information on cleaning product storage, and give instructions on the best way to maintain the facilities.

Factories and Warehouses

Factories and warehouses often have large numbers of employees, which can make it difficult to keep track of who is using which restroom. Toilet signs can help to ensure that staff use the correct bathroom facilities at all times.


Schools with large student populations can use toilet sign items to provide rules and address potential safety issues. Signs can also be used to promote healthy hygiene habits and inform female students where they can store sanitary products.

JMF Group: For All Your Toilet Signage Needs

Your search for a new toilet sign supplier is over—JMF is here!

JMF is an all-service agency. We take pride in offering a comprehensive sign service that includes everything, including:


For customers that need it, we offer a full survey to assess your sign requirements. This is a free service that helps us understand what you need from your toilet signs, and how we can best serve you.


Once we know what you need, our in-house design team will get to work creating the perfect sign for your business. No matter your requirements—colour, messaging, imagery, landscape or portrait—our in-house design experts will find the perfect solution for you.


All of our signs are made in-house, using laser-powered cutters, large-format printers, and similar technologies. This means that we can turn your sign around quickly and to the highest quality standards. And, if you do notice anything wrong with your items, we offer free returns and replacements.

Dispatch / Installation

We stock the largest range of sheet material, meaning your item will be ready for delivery in no time. Need some help getting it into place? No problem! Our UK-wide installation engineers are on hand to help. We can even arrange collection and responsible disposal of any old signs.


We don’t just stop at installation. We can also offer a full maintenance package to keep your signs looking as good as new. Our team can clean, repair, and replace any sign that isn’t up to scratch.

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