Illuminated exterior signage

Lighting up your business with illuminated exterior signage

We believe we are the UK’s leading provider of illuminated exterior signage suppliers, from projecting signs which produce high visual impact to LED faux neon signs( fake neon)and high visual impact lighting at night. We cater for all types of businesses, from shop fascia to restaurants, to retail outlets and we have a wide range of signs designed for your needs.

Commercial illuminated letters and light-up letters

Illuminated exterior signage for any type of business

Whether you’re looking for projecting signs, light boxes or illuminated sign trays, JMF Group will help you find the right solution for your needs. With a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses, we offer plenty of choice for any business that wants to grow. Check out the range below to find out more about the options we have on offer.

What is JMF Groups Illuminated Exterior Signage?

At JMF Group we offer a wide range of different solutions to suit every type of business – take a look at some examples below!

Our fantastic range includes light boxes and projecting sign trays, both available in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as faux (fake) neon signs with unique designs – all designed to help you increase the visibility and attract customers to your premises at night time

Illuminated exterior signage

Range Available

Illuminated projecting sign tray

Halo illuminated 3d lettering

Face illuminated 3d lettering

Led faux (fake)neon signs

Faux neon
Faux neon

Illuminated sign trays

Trough lighting

Wall mounted signs

Flexface signs

Flexface sign at night illuminated master
Flexface sign at night illuminated master

Light boxes & lightbox cases


Cabochon lighting

Rim and return lighting

Logo 3d lettering lighting

Brushed Steel lettering

Indoor & Exterior Signage

Benefits of Illuminated exterior signage

Increase visibility

Attracts customers

Increase security

JMF Group is an exclusive in-house signage supplier of the finest quality illuminated exterior signage solutions, providing customers with a unique opportunity to add greater visual impact to their signage, attract new customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Increased brand awareness

Best-in-class illumination solutions will increase your brand visibility in any environment. We pride ourselves on our illuminated exterior signage solutions that are designed and tailored to generate a high visual impact in any environment, from traditional streets to modern city centres.

Branding opportunities

Lighting up your business with our professional lighting solutions will create a strong and recognisable image for your business in any setting – whether it be day or night. You’ll stand out from the crowd and make your brand shine brighter than ever before!

Reduce energy costs

Utilizing our LED illumination solutions will help you slash operational costs, by reducing the need for additional lighting fixtures or bulbs; representing significant savings on energy bills that can be reinvested elsewhere.

How can we help?


How can we help?