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As a business owner, entrepreneur, or company director, only you can appreciate the sweat, the tears, the late and sleepless nights which have gone into making your company a success. From branding to market research, bookkeeping to product development, employee relations to client liaison; you’ve forged a professional operation, and you want professional signs that are reflective of that.

At JMF, we’ve been supplying the UK’s businesses with the very best in commercial signage for over 40 years. Our dedicated team of craftsmen, designers, surveyors, and installation engineers work tirelessly to provide the highest quality products, fabricated from only the finest raw materials.

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Outdoor Signs

When it comes to getting your business noticed, there are few things more effective than professional outdoor signage. Attractive exterior signs have been shown to significantly improve brand perception, as well as boost the likelihood of passers-by becoming potential customers.

The number of options for outdoor business signs is huge, but take a look below for some of our favourites:

Built-Up Letters

Built-up lettering in mirror gold stainless steel.

A hugely popular choice for company names and straplines, built-up letters offer a modern elegance that is perfect for a wide range of businesses. From banks and estate agents to luxury retailers and restaurants, built-up lettering can be adapted to suit any brand.

Visit our built-up letters page for more information.

Flat-Cut Letters

Acrylic flat-cut lettering.

A less elaborate but no less striking alternative to built-up lettering, flat-cut signage combines premium sheet materials with a CNC router and laser technology. A process as suited to logo shapes and it is to lettering, the result is a sleek outdoor sign designed grab attention.

Visit our flat-cut letters page for more information.

Hanging Signs

Wooden hanging sign.

An ever-popular form of outdoor business sign, printed swing panels provide the perfect way to get your business seen from a distance. With printing available on one or both sides, hanging signs are ideal for the more traditional brands on the high street.

Visit our hanging signage page for more information.

Projecting Signs

Projecting sign.

Not to be confused with their hanging contemporaries, projecting signs are mounted directly to the fascia of the building itself. While often internally illuminated, options available for projecting signs are endless; however, all are guaranteed to result in maximum exposure, and a memorable first impression.

Pavement Signs and A-Boards

Bespoke a-board pavement sign.

The most tried-and-tested of outdoor advertising signs, A-boards remain an effective way to promote your products or services on the high street. Pavement signage combines low investment with high visibility, ease of use, and convenient storage.

Visit our pavement signage page for more information.

Illuminated Signs

Built-up lettering with halo illumination.

At JMF, our illumination division lead the industry in the provision of lighting for outdoor signage. Our experts have developed illuminated sign solutions for all of the outdoor signs above (including A-boards), allowing us to offer LED-based signage that is safe, durable, and eco-friendly.

We also offer a number of sign options specifically designed for illumination; if only the most dazzling sign will do for your business, take a look below:

Neon Signs

Indoor neon signage.

Perfect for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, there’s no mistaking the impact of a professionally-fabricated neon sign. Bright, attractive, and impossible to ignore; if you want to make sure your business sign leaves a lasting impression, gas-discharge neon tubes are tough to beat.

For those on a budget, micro neon signage offers the same neon styling, but at an affordable price for any business. Replacing rarified neon for LED, micro neon is suited for indoor or outdoor use, with increased options for colour and design, as well as a smaller overall carbon footprint.

Visit our neon signage page for more information.

Lightbox Signs

Shop window lightbox panels.

A modern take on the traditional poster panel, LED lightboxes allow you to house your printed promotional materials in style.

Using internal or external LEDs, our lightboxes are constructed from the best in high-quality materials. Perfect for using in the shop-front window display of your retail business, LED lightboxes can boost visitors, advertise temporary promotions, or provide website, social media, and store information.

Despite their durability, lightboxes are surprisingly portable; perfect for use at a trade show or company event.

Visit our lightbox signage page for more information.

Health and Safety Signs

As a business proprietor, the safety of yourself, your staff, and all your on-site visitors is of the utmost importance. However, for many, the regulatory rules surrounding health and safety signage seem complicated, confusing, and shrowded in perplexing legalese.

As a leading supplier of indoor signage, we’ve made it our business to understand the complexities surrounding health and safety sign legislation. See our jargon-free guide to the five types of safety sign below, and give us a call to discuss how we can help keep your company compliant.

Safe Condition Signs

Safe condition signs provide information concerning emergency exits or first-aid facilities. They are generally a legal requirement for all brick-and-mortar locations and public spaces, and should be green in colour.

Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs display routes of escape in case of fire, or the location of fire fighting equipment. Less frequently, they display the specific source or location of the fire. Rules mandate that these signs are red.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are “do” signs; they prescribe a specific behaviour. Examples include safety clothing signage, sanitation signage; anything which instructs a viewer what to do. Mandatory signs are blue in colour.

Prohibition Signs

As the name suggests, prohibition signs are “don’t” signs; they prohibit behaviour likely to cause harm or injury. “No smoking” and “restricted access” are common examples. Like fire safety signs, prohibition signs should be coloured red.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are not designed to give any specific instruction, but to provide red flags, making viewers aware of potential hazards in their environment; “mind the step” is an obvious example. Warning signs must be yellow or amber in colour.

JMF Health and Safety Signs

At JMF, we stock a huge range of health and safety signage, with the facilities to manufacture custom signs based on the specific requirements of your business or location. We use only the finest quality materials and print techniques, ensuring durability and visibility. From aluminium signs with a self-adhesive backing, to vinyl graphics for wall or floor application; all our safety signage is created with the safety of your staff and your customers in mind.

Directional Signs

Directional signage (or wayfinding signage) comes in many forms to suit a range of different purposes. Many of the aforementioned safety signs, for instance, are directional in nature, produced to assist the movement of people in an emergency. However, from a purely cosmetic perspective, professional directional signage can play a huge role in the quality of the customer experience you provide, and the overall likelihood your customers will revisit.

Internally, directional signs can help visitors to navigate their way around your building with ease; from finding the toilets to locating the conference suite. External signs, on the other hand, provide vital information for customers trying to find your business in a hurry, or those who are using your services for the first time.

Here at JMF, we have a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of innovative and informative wayfinding signage. We understand that every business is different, and will take the time to learn about the specifics of your establishment before giving you our top tips and recommendations for where and how your wayfinding signs should be displayed.

JMF: Industry Signage Experts

With the vast range of material, print, and process options we have at our disposal, comes the ability to develop trade- and industry-specific sign ideas and solutions for our customers. The needs of a shop front will rarely be the same as those of an office block, so our business development team are forever looking to create new ways to assist specific sectors of our customer base.

Take a look below for some ways we might be able to help your business:

Retail Signs

The retail sector is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment; one in which the customer experience is of paramount importance. That’s why we offer a range of retail signage solutions designed to help your business attract attention, advertise promotions, and provide clear wayfinding around your store. Outdoor signs, window graphics, pavement signs, point-of-sale signs; whatever you need to get your message out there, we can help.

Visit our retail signage page for more information.

Leisure and Hospitality Signs

First impressions count for a lot in the hospitality industry, and the quality of your signage will play a big part in determining how prospective guests perceive your business. From traditional hanging signs to contemporary LED illuminated signs, we can create a look that accurately reflects the style, ambience, and unique personality of your establishment.

Visit our hospitality signage page for more information.

Office Signs

From outdoor business signs developed to display your brand identity, to indoor reception signs that give your guests a warm welcome; the way you sign your office says a lot about the kind of business you are. Our in-house design service team are here to work with you on office signage that employs your logo and your brand colours, and which is guaranteed to make your premises stand out from the crowd.

Schools Signs

The safety and security of children whilst on school premises is of paramount importance. Our school signs are designed to be both effective and durable, with a range of options available to suit all budgets. From mandatory fire exit, to playground signage and bespoke vinyl wall graphics, we can help you create a safe environment for both staff and students.

Visit our school signage page for more information.

The JMF ‘All-Service Solution’ to Indoor and Outdoor Signage

No matter the size of your business or the value of your order, JMF are here to guide you through the whole process of ordering new commercial signage.

Site Survey

We offer free site surveys to all our clients, ensuring we choose the right material, design, and finishing options for your indoor and outdoor business signs.


Our in-house creatives have extensive experience in sign artistry, and will present a range of options for your approval before we think about heading to print.


With the most advanced machinery and processes at our disposal, we’re able to create any kind of sign you need; from the most intricate 3D lettering, to the biggest building wraps.


Once your signs are complete, our UK-wide team of professional fixing engineers will make sure they’re fitted safely and securely, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.


We don’t just stop at making and installing your signs; we also offer a comprehensive maintenance service to keep them looking as good as new.

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