Your Brand, Your Way: Creative Branding and Brand Strategy Solutions

Your brand identity touches every aspect of your business operations. From digital marketing and web design to advertising and awareness generation, having a cohesive and effective brand strategy is essential for connecting with customers and standing out from the competition.

At JMF Group, our branding agency experts offer bespoke branding services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We specialise in helping businesses develop an identity from the ground up, producing a wide range of creative and visual elements that represent their core values.

Our branding services cover everything from business logos and brand guidelines to product renderings and packaging design – whatever you need to create a strong, memorable and recognisable identity for your business, our experienced team of designers and brand strategists are here to help.

What’s more, with our industry-leading print, signage, and fabrication facilities, our in-house team can bring your designs off the screen and into the physical world. For 40 years, we’ve helped clients turn their marketing strategy into marketing reality through custom displays, signs and marketing materials for offices, shops, trade shows, conferences and much more.

To have a chat about our creative brand design services and how they can help your business, give us a call today. Alternatively, keep reading for our comprehensive guide.

The Importance of Strong Creative Branding

Your brand’s visual identity is the thing that connects it to its customers. It’s how they recognise you and how they develop a lasting association with your product or service.

The quality of your brand identity will impact the efficacy of your marketing business-wide, which is why branding should always remain a key component of your marketing strategy.


Your branding is responsible for delivering your company’s vision. A distinctive design can tell your customers about your products or services before they hear anything else.

For established businesses, a brand refresh can serve to bring a new lease of life. A new visual identity can serve to update your existing brand in a way that is tailored to a new demographic, engages customers with a more contemporary look and feel, or evolves along with the changing trends in visual design.


When customers come into contact with your brand, they should be able to recall it easily. A distinctive and recognisable creative design strategy can help you stand out from the competition and build a positive association with potential customers.

By having a strong visual brand, your business can be recognised by customers even without your name or logo being present. The more consistently you use the same creative elements and visuals across all platforms, the more recognisable your brand will become.


A consistent brand identity builds trust with customers. If a customer can recognise your logo immediately and make an instant connection to the quality of service they receive, this will create loyalty that leads to repeat business.

The best branding agencies rely on consumer psychology and heuristics analysis to develop assets that customers are drawn to and remember.


Your values and mission shape your brand messaging. It’s crucial to maintain consistency in your message across all customer touchpoints, including website design, social media marketing, emails, and physical assets like brochures, leaflets, or posters. Make sure every aspect reflects your brand identity and resonates with your audience.

At JMF Group, we focus on the message behind the visuals to ensure all creative assets integrate with a consistent brand voice. This ensures your messaging is immediately recognisable and leads customers to take action.


Our digital marketing agency team understands the significant impact that branding can have on a company’s success or failure in advertising. We recognise the importance of choosing the right words, structuring the content effectively, and ensuring readability and eloquence while conveying the same meaning.

From digital display to out-of-home and print design, the emotions businesses convey through their branded assets heavily impact how customers perceive and interact with their products. Our branding professionals use their expertise to ensure your advertising campaigns always have a strong, consistent brand presence.


Branding has a huge impact on packaging design, with the use of colour and other visual elements helping to differentiate products on the shelf.

From the font used on labels to the positioning of logos, visuals need to be carefully crafted in order for customers to accurately identify a product and make an emotional connection with it.

The Role of a Creative Digital Agency

A creative branding agency is responsible for designing and producing all the visual elements of your brand identity, from logos to slogans and beyond.

At JMF, we keep creativity at our core, striving to develop innovative solutions that capture the essence of your business across its entire digital output. This includes:

Brand Strategy

We develop creative strategies that hone in on your business’s values, ethos and mission. This means that your branding will be in line with the core identity of your company, giving customers a clear understanding of what you do and what you stand for.

Are you a commercial property development company? Maybe you want something that shows your commitment to affordable housing. Or perhaps you’re a tech venture capital firm, looking to show clients that you’re not like the other Big Tech monoliths? Whatever your vision, our digital strategy team can develop a brand strategy that works for you.

Visual Design

Visual design is a broad field, compromising everything from logos and typography to colours and imagery. Every visual element needs to be carefully crafted in order to communicate your message effectively whilst capturing the essence of your business.

The top branding agencies also pay serious attention to consistency. Your visual assets should always look like your visual assets. Every brand is a global brand, so your social media marketing and web design must be consistent no matter which language, culture or country you’re targeting.

And speaking of web design…

Web Development

As a full-service digital agency, JMF Group offers creative web design services to help bring your brand strategy to fruition. Whether you’re looking for a simple bespoke website with basic blog functionalities, or something more complex, our team can develop an engaging and user-friendly site that showcases the essence of your business.

Away from your website, we can link you up with a custom software development agency offering mobile app development skills that let you bring your branding to users at the app level. Every partner agency we work with is fully briefed on your web strategy, ensuring consistent brand identity across the digital landscape.

Brand Guidelines

Unlike many creative branding firms, our branding company offers brand guidelines – technical documents that outline your brand’s design elements, core message and tone of voice.

We believe that having a brand bible is key to creating consistency across your digital presence. Our creative agency experts will develop detailed guides for both internal and external teams on how to communicate professionally using the same messages and visuals.

What to Look for in a Branding Agency

Whether you’re looking to brainstorm some ideas for your own brand or a marketing executive tasked with conducting a full brand refresh, finding the right branding agency for you can feel like a daunting task.

Ideally, you want an extremely competent agency with an award-winning creative studio; an established branding firm that can supply a dedicated marketing manager, and who can help you develop a data-driven strategic approach in a positive and proactive way – all at a very reasonable price.

At JMF, we believe we tick all of the above boxes and more. We are a digital marketing and advertising agency based in Newcastle, United Kingdom. As one of the North East’s top branding firms, our marketing and creative professionals have been providing creative solutions for well over a decade. But before you sign with our – or any other – award-winning branding agency, consider the following questions:

What Is Their Experience?

It’s important to look at the portfolio of any branding firm you are considering. Do they have experience working with similar companies? Are their designs creative and innovative, or do they look like ‘cookie-cutter’ copycat solutions? Can you see examples where they’ve delivered distinctive design solutions that produced results?

How Big Are They?

Are they a small branding firm that will devote their full attention to your project? Or are they a large agency that will have to juggle many projects at once? The size of the firm depends on your own needs and budget.

What Are Their Processes?

Are they actually a creative agency, or are they in fact a global outsourcing firm? Do they have an in-house design and development team, or do they outsource the work? Make sure you know their processes before signing any contracts.

What Are Their Rates?

Be sure to ask questions about rates and payment terms. Compare their fees with other agencies and make sure you are getting value for money.

Do They Offer Comprehensive Services?

When it comes to creating successful brands, there are many moving parts. Ideally, you want a design studio that is also a digital marketing agency; a web design agency that is also a social media marketing service. Consistency is key, so make sure that they can offer the full spectrum of services that you need.

JMF Group: Your New Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

JMF is a creative digital agency based in Newcastle. Combining strategic thought leadership with industry-leading creative agency and digital marketing services, we help to build authentic brands that are connected to their customers and drive business growth.

Our approach is focused on data-driven insights, helping our clients to see the bigger picture and create long-term strategies that make a real impact on their bottom line. At the same time, our small web design company team is passionate about creating experiences that are visually engaging, emotionally compelling and functionally sound.

Whether you’re looking for a full brand refresh or simply need a hand with e-commerce development, our reliable and dependable team of digital marketing experts is here to help. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can make your brand shine!

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How can we help?