Case Study

Newcastle International Airport

Our team delivered an impactful and visually stunning set of large hanging banners that captured the attention of travelers at an international airport terminal.

The Client.




The Brief.

Our client, an international airport, approached us with a request to design and produce a set of large hanging banners for their main terminal. They wanted the banners to be visually striking, informative, and aligned with their brand identity. The challenge was to create a solution that could effectively communicate information to passengers while being aesthetically pleasing.

To meet the client’s brief, we developed several design concepts for the banners that were both informative and visually appealing. We chose colors and fonts that were consistent with the client’s brand identity and added a touch of creativity to make the banners stand out.

The Result.

Once the client approved the final designs, we produced the banners on high-quality material that could withstand the rigors of an airport environment and installed them in highly visible locations in the main terminal.

The result was a set of large hanging banners that successfully captured the attention of travelers and effectively conveyed important information such as flight schedules, safety protocols, and advertisements. The banners not only provided valuable information to passengers but also enhanced the overall aesthetic of the terminal, making it a more pleasant and engaging space for travelers.