Come On In: Hotel Reception Signage

After a difficult few years (to put it lightly), the UK’s hotel and tourism sectors appear to be on the upswing. In April 2022, there were 2.1 million visits to the UK by overseas visitors; still significantly less than the 3.2 million visitors it welcomed in April 2019, but 27 times the amount it saw in April 2021.

As people begin to travel again, it’s important that your hotel is positioned to give its visitors a warm and welcoming reception. Your reception is the first and last impression guests will have of your hotel, so it’s important to make sure that it’s looking its best.

At JMF Group, we specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality signage for the hospitality industry. We work with hotels of all sizes, from large international chains to small, independent guest houses—our team are on-hand to help with all aspects of design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring that your reception signage is always looking its best.

To talk to us about our wide range of front-of-house and reception signage options, give us a call to speak to one of our sales team. Alternatively, keep reading for our comprehensive guide to reception signs.

The Benefits of High-Quality Reception Signs

A First Impression

As mentioned, your reception is the first and last place guests will see when they visit your site. This makes it the ideal place to make a statement and show off your brand identity.

The value that you convey via your reception signs is one of the most essential elements of creating a tone with visitors. By choosing high-quality, well-designed signage, you can create an instant impression of your hotel as a professional, high-end establishment.

A Warm Welcome

While your reception signs can be a great way to convey your brand image and identity, they can also be one of the best ways to make visitors feel welcome as soon as they arrive.

In the same way a happy smile can make someone feel welcome, a well-designed reception sign can show your hotel’s personality, and give customers that all-important feeling of being valued and appreciated.

A Helping Hand

Your reception signs can also be a valuable tool for helping guests to navigate their way around your hotel.

The right signage will help direct guests to the check-in desk, provide information on where they can find amenities, and make it easy for them to navigate their way around your site.

A Be-Right-Back

For hotels that provide a 24/7 service, it’s often necessary to have reception signs in place to let guests know when a member of staff will be back to help them.

Through professional desk top reception signs, you can provide guests with a simple “be right back” message, an estimated time of return, or emergency contact details.

Reception Sign Placement

You may already have an idea of the kind of reception signs you need for your establishment. However, there are a variety of position and placement options that you may not have considered. Take a look below:


One of the most popular options for reception signs is wall-mounted signage. This type of sign can be positioned at eye level, making it easy for guests to spot as soon as they enter your lobby or reception area.

Wall-mounted signs are also a great option if you have limited floor space, and can be lit from behind, for visibility in low lighting conditions. Available in a range of different materials and fixing options, wall-mounted reception signs can be installed quickly and easily.


If you’re lucky enough to have a large reception area, floor-standing signs can be a highly effective way to welcome your customers in style.

Floor-standing signs can be placed anywhere in your reception area, and come in a variety of styles and designs to suit any décor. What’s more, by employing modern digital terminal options, your floor-standing signs can be used as an interactive wayfinding solution, helping guests navigate your hotel with ease.

Desk Top

If you’re looking for a more low-key option, desk top signs may be the perfect solution. This form of sign can be placed on any flat surface, such as a reception desk or side table.

Desk top signs are ideal if you want to create a more subtle display, or if space is limited. They can be manufactured to your specific dimensions in order to ensure they fit perfectly.


Not to be confused with desk top signs, desk-mounted signs are affixed to the front of your reception desk, making them visible to customers as soon as they approach.

Often delivered with a self-adhesive backing for simple installation, desk-mounted signs are ideal for displaying your logo or other brand imagery.

Door and Window Signs (Internal or External Use)

Door and window signs can be used to create eye-catching displays that are visible from both inside and outside your hotel.

A low-price option for businesses looking to save money, professional door and window manifestations are perfect for drawing attention to special offers or promotions, as well as offering privacy to those already in your premises.

Floor Graphics

Often overlooked as a surface for internal signs, the floors of your reception can be a great place to display your logo or convey your brand message.

Floor graphics are highly versatile, and can be used in a number of ways to enhance the look and feel of your lobby or reception area: from displaying directional arrows and wayfinding information, to adorning the floors with company branding, floor graphics offer a wide range of possibilities for businesses looking to make an impact.

Types of Reception Sign

The problem faced by many businesses looking to choose new receptions signs is that they are unsure of what exactly they need; with such a wide range available, it can be difficult to identify the perfect product for your needs.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve outlined some of the most popular types of reception sign below:

Flat-Cut Lettering

Flat-cut lettering is an ideal option for developing reception signs. Using a CNC router and high-power laser, our flat-cut letters are available in a range of materials and thicknesses, including:

  • Aluminium (2mm – 5mm)
  • Stainless steel (mirror, polished, brushed or descaled; 0.7mm – 3mm)
  • Mild steel (0.9mm – 20mm)
  • Acrylic (3mm – 20mm)
  • Foam-X (3mm – 19mm)
  • Aluminium composite (3mm only)
  • MDF (3mm – 20mm)

Letters can be supplied raw, or painted to a specific Pantone or RAL colour. We offer a range of tools and fixing methods, ensuring a great finish across all materials.

Neon Reception Signs

If you’re looking for high-impact reception signs, nothing will compare to neon.

We have considerable expertise in designing, producing, and installing safe neon and micro-neon reception signage at JMF, with eco-friendly choices that speak to your environmental awareness.

We also offer a wide range of aftercare and maintenance services, so you can be sure your signs will remain in perfect working order for years to come.

Digital Reception Sign

According to research, 70% of hotel guests find digital display reception signs amusing, with the ability to exhibit hotel happenings, menu boards, gift shop prices, and even virtual concierge assistance.

At JMF Group, we offer digital LED poster panels that may transform your company’s graphics into stunning reception signs at a low price. Add to this our full-colour, high-resolution, high-quality duratran prints, and you can be sure your business is leaving a lasting impression on customers.

JMF Group: The Last Word in Hotel Reception Signs

Your business’ search for new reception signs is over—JMF are here!

At JMF Group, we understand you want signs which are durable, secure, and designed to show off your brand and service in the best possible light. You want a complete, simple service, leaving you free to do what you do best: run your hotel!

For this reason, we are committed to taking a one-stop-shop approach. Unlike other manufacturers, we stock a wide range of reception signs, and our comprehensive service covers all aspects of interior and exterior development. We will design, create, deliver, and install all of your sign items, with ongoing maintenance and repair services that will leave you delighted.

To make an enquiry or request more info, head on over to our contact page. We can’t wait to get to work!

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