NCR Pads

JMF offer custom NCR printing to accommodate your business’ every need. Our custom NCR pads are comprised of 25 or 50 sets of paper, with 2-part, 3-part, and 4-part finishing options.

Our pads are glued across the top, and come supplied with a cardboard backing. We carry a range of colours as standard, and can supply them with or without numbering. All of our NCR pads are printed digitally in full colour or black and white.

To find out more, contact our sales team today. Alternatively, keep reading for our comprehensive guide to NCR pads.

What Is NCR Paper?

NCR paper—otherwise known as no carbon-required paper—is a type of paper that can be used to make multiple copies of a document without the need for a carbon sheet.

NCR pads work by using carbonless copy paper, which is coated with a micro-encapsulated dye. When pressure is applied to the paper (such as when you write on it), the dye is released and transferred onto the next sheet in the pad, leaving you with an identical copy.

This process doesn’t require any heat or light to work, meaning it’s ideal for making copies quickly and easily. Plus, it means there’s no need to keep replenishing your stock of carbon sheets—perfect if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly!

Why Use NCR Pads?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use NCR pads, including:


NCR pads are perfect for making multiple copies of documents quickly and easily. No need for a photocopier—simply write on the top sheet and watch as the copies appear beneath.


If you hand-print your invoices or delivery notes, NCR books allow you to make duplicate copies that retain the writing of the original.


NCR products allow you to forgo the messy blue carbon paper of old, giving you a high quality finish without any smudging or mess.


NCR sets are much smaller and lighter than a photocopier, making them ideal for taking on the go. Whether you’re heading to a meeting or working remotely, you can easily take your NCR pad with you.


As we mentioned, NCR pads don’t require carbon sheets (which can be damaging to the environment). If you’re looking to be more eco-conscious, switch to NCR receipt pads!


NCR paper is quick and easy to use, meaning you can make copies in seconds. Our NCR forms are easily removed from their backing, allowing you hand them to your customers without tearing them.


Our NCR print services are extremely affordable—if you regularly need to make duplicates, investing in a quality NCR set could save you time and money in the long run.

FAQ: NCR Printing

What Size Are Your NCR Sets?

Our standard NCR sheets come in A4, A5, A6, and DL sizes, but we can also provide bespoke sizes to suit your requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Print NCR Books?

Our standard lead time is two weeks, but we have the flexibility to help out if you need your NCR books sooner. If you have an urgent requirement, please get in touch—we’ll always do our best to help.

What Is the Price of NCR Pads?

Our printed NCR desk pads start from as low as 25p per unit, and we offer free delivery to customers in the UK.

Can I Order Custom NCR Pads?

Of course! We offer a range of customisation options to make sure your NCR pad perfectly suits your needs, including full-colour printing and logo application.

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