Glass Manifestation

For any professional in facilities management, the health and safety of staff and visitors is a paramount concern. In modern offices, retail spaces and hospitality locations, glass panels and glass screens are commonplace—it is essential they are maintained in such a way as to follow building regulations and avoid accidental collision and potentially serious injury.

At JMF Group, we appreciate how difficult it can be to find the right glass manifestations for your business. Wading through the complex legal requirement documentation can feel like an uphill struggle! That’s why our experts have come up with a few key points to consider when choosing the perfect manifestation.

Glass Manifestation, Window Manifestation, Glazed Screens, and Window Films: What Are They?

Simply put, glass manifestation is a term used to describe the safety markings, glazing and/or window film that is applied to glass partitions in office, retail, and hospitality environments, ensuring the health and safety of staff and visitors.

Whilst many businesses choose a unique or different style for their glass panels, often manifestation takes the form of a simple “glass awareness” warning sticker, informing people that they should take care when crossing the area as there is a danger of collision.

In some cases, contrasting window film will be used on a single glass panel. As they are visually contrasting, they adhere to building regulations, while remaining stylish and decorative.

Glass Manifestations and Building Regulations

Regulations state that all glass partitions in a working environment (non-domestic buildings; public buildings; retail spaces; hotels; pubs; restaurants) must be marked correctly to ensure the safety of all building residents. Most notably, regulations state that glass in critical locations must be clearly marked with a manifestation between specific heights. This protects the visually impaired and those who frequently pass your office glass partitions, reducing the likelihood they will unexpectedly make contact with them.

To be confident your business is compliant, it is important to work with a professional who understands the health and safety regulations surrounding window and glass manifestations. At JMF Group, our experts have extensive approved document knowledge and will help you choose the right markings for your premises, guaranteeing building regulation compliance, and resident safety.

The Material Composition of Glass Manifestations

Glass manifestation is commonly made with frosted film, etched or printed film. These durable materials are easily applied with soapy water and offer a hassle-free method of making your glass obvious.

My Business Premises Has a Lot of Rooms—Do They All Need Glass Manifestation?

As mentioned previously, manifestations must be applied to all glass partitions in “critical areas”. Critical areas might include meeting rooms, glass entrance doors, full height glass in a working environment—anywhere a worker, shopper or client could conceivably be seen walking into the glass.

For example, say you have a restaurant with glazed screens alongside a corridor. This is an area with high footfall, and the regulations state that manifestation must be placed at two rows, contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass in all lighting conditions.

Conversely, glass manifestations are often not necessary on windows or glazed screens within external walls. Sound complicated? Don’t worry! Our team can help advise which areas need attention to ensure workplace health and safety regulations are met.

What About Glass Entrance Doors?

Glass entrance doors are often of particular concern to our clients. Entrance doors are frequently used by members of the public, and further considerations must be made to protect those with a visual impairment. At JMF Group, we can work with you to ensure your doors are nonhazardous in all lighting conditions.

While health and safety is the primary concern, your glass entrance doors are your link to the outside world—you want them to look their best! We can help you put your company’s own spin on manifestations through the use of your company logos, or completely bespoke glazing options.

Glass Manifestation As a Decorative Feature.

Our in-house manifestation design team take a bespoke approach, ensuring every window and door is visible, safe, and decorative. Some of our designers’ top tips for making your window and glass both visible and stylish:

Incorporate Features Which Are On-Brand:

This can be your company logo, logo-relevant motifs or bold graphics that really make your manifestations stand out.

Broken Lines or Continuous Bands:

If you have a busy office with lots of partitions, a feature such as broken lines or continuous bands at least 50mm high can help to break up the space and make it more visually pleasing.

Simple Frosted Dots:

If you prefer a simpler approach to interior design, some basic frosted dots on your door or window can make sure your glass contrasts visually with the background, without making it a focal point.

Buy Glass Manifestation from the Experts!

JMF Group offers a comprehensive and professional service for all your glass manifestation needs. We understand the importance of health and safety regulations and work closely with our clients to ensure that their premises are fully compliant.

We also offer a wide range of design options to make every glazed screen unique and on-brand. Our team can provide expert advice on everything from the type of manifestation to be used, to the size and placement of markings. We can also with the sourcing of materials and the design of your own bespoke manifestation templates.

For a business that wants the peace of mind which comes from knowing your glass is health and safety compliant, alongside the ability to customise their glass manifestations, JMF Group is the perfect choice. Don’t just buy online—contact us today!

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How can we help?