Block Foil Business Cards

Here at JMF, we offer the widest range of business cards, from simple printed card stock to spot UV and luxurious metallic foil printing—whatever it takes to help you make the right impression, we’ve got it covered.

When it comes to speciality finishes, foil blocking is tough to beat. From gold foil business cards to white foil and everything in between, our team are on hand to design and produce the highest quality cards at the lowest prices.

Give our team a call today to learn how we can help you. Or, keep reading for our guide to metallic foil business cards.

What Is Block Foiling?

Block foiling is the process of applying a thin layer of metal—usually aluminium—to paper or cardstock using heat and pressure. The result is a shiny, metallic finish that can add an extra level of luxury and sophistication to any print job.

Block foiling can be used on its own as a decorative element, or it can be combined with other printing techniques—like letterpress or embossing—to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

How Does Block Foiling Work?

The block foiling process begins with a roll of thin metallic foil. This foil is fed through a heated chamber where it is fused to a sheet of release paper. The release paper protects the foil from being damaged as it passes through the foiling machine.

Once the foil is fused to the release paper, it is fed into the foiling machine itself. The machine uses a combination of heat and pressure to transfer the foil onto the surface of the paper or cardstock

As the foil is transferred, it leaves behind a thin layer of metal on the surface of the material. This metal can be highly polished for a shiny finish, or it can be given a brushed finish for a more subtle look.

What Are The Benefits Of Block Foiling?


Of the many benefits offered by foiled business cards, the most significant has to be appearance. Whilst standard business cards certainly do the job, for the most eye-catching finishes a metallic foil business card is tough to beat.


Block foiling is an excellent way to add a luxury feel and touch of sophistication and quality. The thin layer of foil adds a soft touch to your business cards, giving your customers a tactile experience that they’re bound to remember.


Block foiling is also a great way to add durability to a print job. The thin layer of metal that is applied to the surface helps to protect the material from wear and tear, making it more resistant to tearing, creasing, and fading.


Metalic foil can be applied to a range of paper and card stocks, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on page quality to achieve the desired effect. Whether you want single-sided paper, or need to include information on the back, foil can be applied to your exact specifications.

Colour Options: Gold Foil Business Cards and Much More…

Gold Foil

An ever-popular option, gold foil business cards provide high clarity and bold appearance. The ultimate option for companies wishing to portray an impression of class and refinement, a metallic gold foil finish will make your logos and other design elements stand out.

Silver Foil

Silver foil is ideal if you want to highlight a specific area of your business card, without the in-your-face appearance of gold or copper. A thin film of silver foil on an off-white card can give subtle depth and elegance to the overall design.

Rose Gold Foil

Rose gold foil business cards are becoming increasingly popular, as the warm hue provides a unique twist on the classic gold foil finish. Perfect for beauty professionals, or anyone in a creative industry, this option is sure to turn heads.

Copper Foil

If your brand is fun and lighthearted, or you want to add a rustic touch to your design, copper block foil could be a perfect choice. Copper block foil can also be used in conjunction with other foils to create unique, two-tone designs. When combined with rounded corners or painted edges, copper foil is perfect for showing your clients your personality.

Holographic Foil

For a truly eye-catching finish, holographic block foil is hard to beat. Holographic foils are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you’re sure to find an option that perfectly reflects your brand identity.

Black Foil

Sometimes, less is more. If you want to add a touch of class to your business cards without going over the top, black foil could be the perfect option. Applied sparingly, black foil can be used to accentuate key elements of your design and give your business cards a high-end look.

White Foil

If you want your business cards to really stand out from the crowd, white foil could be the answer. A simple design printed on white card with a thin layer of white metallic foil applied can look sleek and stylish, whilst remaining highly legible.

Designing Your Foiled Business Cards

At JMF, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop. You don’t want to be dealing with multiple suppliers when ordering your business cards, which is why we offer a complete design and print service to all our clients.

Our in-house team of creatives are on hand to offer a full design service, helping you to create the perfect business card for your needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or already have a design that you need tweaking, our team can help.

Size and Shape

Before working on the artistic elements of your business cards, your dedicated product designer will work with you to establish the best size and shape for your needs.

We can offer square shapes, rounded edges, and a range of other options to ensure your business cards are perfectly in line with your brand identity.


With all the information they need to set up your canvas, our design team will start to bring your vision to life—starting with colour.

They’ll look at any artwork and your business palette, as well as the metallic colours you’ve chosen for lamination, developing a unique design that fits perfectly with your brand identity.


With a design finalised, our team will send a file over for proof approval. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, we’ll send your business cards to print.


Using the latest print technology, our in-house team will print your business cards to the highest standard. We understand that first impressions count, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your business cards make a lasting impression.


Once your business cards are printed, we’ll package them up carefully and send them on their way. We offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs, so you can rest assured knowing your business cards will arrive exactly when you need them.

JMF Group: Your New Supplier of Foil Business Cards

If you’re looking for a new supplier of foil business cards, look no further than JMF Group. We offer a complete design and print service to all our clients, ensuring you receive a high-quality product that perfectly reflects your brand identity.

To find out more about our services, or to request a quote, get in touch with our team today.

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How can we help?