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According to a recent survey, a massive 79% of consumers believe that a business’ signage is reflective of the quality of the product or service they supply—in the minds of your customers, a generic sign means a generic service, so it’s vital to invest in high-quality, bespoke signage that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

At JMF Group, we’ve spent 40 years supplying the finest flat-cut letters and CNC signage to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our comprehensive service includes everything from design and manufacture to installation, so you can be sure that your project is in safe hands from start to finish.

To discuss how we can help your business, contact us today to request a callback. In the meantime, keep reading for our guide to all-things flat-cut!

Flat-Cut Lettering: The What…

Signs which employ flat-cut letters can be found on high streets and at retail parks up and down the country.

Consisting of individual letters which have been cut from a sheet of material (usually acrylic, metal or wood), flat-cut signs give a 3D effect that is both professional and eye-catching.

The format is extremely durable and versatile, with a wide range of thickness, colour, and shape options to choose from. Not exclusive to fonts and letters, the process can also be used to fabricate logos and other brand-specific designs.

Flat-Cut Lettering: The How…

At its heart, the process for manufacturing flat-cut letter signs is a simple one.

With a CNC laser and high-powered laser, a logo or letter design is cut from a flat sheet of base material (hench: flat-cut). The laser-cut material then goes through finish and colour processes, before being supplied to the customer for installation.

Unlike hand-fabricated built-up letters, flat-cut letters are quick to produce and easy to install on the majority of interior and exterior wall types. For more information on the differences, contact our team, or take a look at our dedicated built-up letters page.

Materials Used for Flat-Cut Letter Signs

One of the most attractive things about flat-cut letter signs is the number of materials from which they can be fabricated. Take a look below for some of our most popular options:

Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless steel flat-cut letters are ideal for retail applications, office signage, and any other environment which demands a modern look.

Available in mirrored, polished, brushed, or descaled finishes, and in a range of thicknesses (0.7mm to 20mm), is an ever-popular option.

Acrylic Letters

Available in clear, coloured, and mirror-silver varieties, acrylic is a versatile material that can be used for both interior and exterior signage.

Clear acrylic flat-cut letters are often used to create sophisticated see-through signs, while Pantone or RAL colour painting is ideal for matching your signs with the standard colours of your brand. All acrylic signs are supplied with a protective film that ensures your colours keep getting your business noticed for years to come.

Aluminium / Aluminium Composite Letters

Well-suited to both interior and exterior applications, aluminium flat-cut letters can be supplied in either brushed or anodised finishes, with thickness options between 2mm and 5mm.

If price is a consideration, aluminium composite can offer a cost-effective solution. Using a combination of metal and plastic, aluminium composite provides the same style and customisation options, but at significantly lower prices.

Foam PVC / FOAM-X Letters

Foam PVC is a rigid and durable material, but one which is lightweight and flexible enough to be used for effective indoor flat-cut lettering.

At JMF, we use FOAM-X: a lightweight foam board with a polyurethane foam core, and coated multi-layered recycle paper liners. Perfect for printing images and signs with multiple colours, FOAM-X is a low-price, high-impact sign option.

MDF Letters

Ideal for both interior and exterior use, MDF is an extremely versatile material that can be supplied in a broad range of thicknesses (3mm to 20mm).

Ideal for businesses with a rustic brand, MDF signage can be coloured with a matt, satin, or gloss finish.

JMF Group: How We Produce Flat-Cut Letters for You

At JMF Group, we understand how valuable your time is—you want quality signage, but you don’t want to have to shop around for suppliers, designers, and installation crews.

For this reason, we pride ourselves on being an all-service agency. Take a look below for what’s included in our comprehensive sign service:

Site Survey

At JMF, we believe in finding the right sign for the right wall. No matter your location, we provide all essential site surveys and drawings at no extra cost, using these details to create signs which are designed specifically for the width, height, and overall form of your building.


Our in-house design team will work closely with you to discuss the aesthetics of your flat-cut lettering and logo signs. They will provide advice on what can be achieved, and will ensure all of the colours and materials for your sign are brand-appropriate.


Once you’ve signed off on the design, our team of skilled fabricators will get to work creating your sign. We use only the finest base materials for our flat-cut lettering, and our streamlined logistics process allows us to fill orders faster than any of our competitors.

Delivery / Installation

Flat-cut signs can be relatively simple to install, so if you choose to go with DIY installation, we will arrange for convenient delivery at a time that suits you. We can provide a paper cladding template to help assist you, and fixings such as threaded studs, grouting rods, nylon locators, and VHB tape.

If you choose to request installation, our PASMA, IPAF, and CSCS-compliant fitting engineers will provide in-person delivery, getting your sign up quickly, easily, and with minimal customer disruption.


Our low-price maintenance contract offers comprehensive sign upkeep and will account for regular cleaning and emergency repair. Our regular maintenance reports take note of any issues, and ensure anything which needs to be replaced is done so immediately. This not only helps you keep your signage looking its best, but also protects your investment.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want the highest quality flat-cut letter signs at a fair price, JMF Group is all you need. Contact our team today for more information—we can’t wait to get to work on your new flat-cut letter signs!

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How can we help?