Blog: Corporate Event “Entertainment” vs. Corporate Event Engagement

Business events are a fantastic opportunity for companies to connect with their target audiences, reward their employees, build enduring relationships, and promote the virtues of their brands.

However, as the post-pandemic costs of hosting and attending corporate events continue to spiral, many operators are scrutinising the value proposition of their event planning strategies. In practice, this means prioritising meaningful engagements over extravagant receptions, expensive dinners, corporate event entertainers, and lavish presentations.

The bottom line is this: whether composed of employees, peers, or prospective clients, corporate events audiences aren’t there for unforgettable entertainment. They want honest interaction, genuine engagement, and tangible value against the time and money spent on attending.

In this blog, we’ll examine some of the ways that corporate event organisers can provide more meaningful engagement opportunities and why this is important for fostering stronger brand relationships. We’ll also delve into the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on entertainment as a means to engage an audience and give you some insights into the ways JMF are helping brands develop meaningful entertainment ideas for corporate events.

Event Entertainment vs. Engagement

From comedy acts to themed dinners, corporate event entertainment has long been an industry standard for businesses. When done properly, entertaining guests can be a great way of showing appreciation and giving back to those attending.

However, while the idea of entertaining corporate event attendees may seem attractive on paper, it isn’t always effective at generating meaningful engagement with the brand. Let’s look at some of the benefits of prioritising engagement at your next corporate event.


Instead of providing an opportunity to learn more about a company’s services or build relationships with their representatives, entertainment-only events can create a feeling of being talked ‘at’ rather than engaged with.

A shift towards engagement can lead to much more meaningful and productive interactions between attendees. In practice, this can be achieved through interactive activities, pre-prepared networking opportunities, and thought-provoking discussions.

By fostering an environment of engagement, businesses can better understand their audience, gather valuable feedback, and generate leads.


An event prioritising engagement over entertainment is more likely to be remembered and have a lasting impact on attendees.

In addition to providing a valuable and memorable experience, engagement-focused events can help strengthen a brand’s reputation amongst both existing customers and potential leads.

By creating an environment of meaningful interaction, companies can better showcase their expertise and products as well as gaining feedback on how they can improve.


By forgoing the traditional corporate entertainers, companies can establish trust amongst decision-makers. This can prove invaluable when it comes to encouraging attendance and building long-term relationships.

The focus should be on creating an atmosphere of collaboration and open dialogue. By understanding the needs of attendees, companies can tailor their conversations to create a more personalised experience that will generate leads in both the short and long term.


When done right, your corporate party can provide many opportunities for social media moments. When coming up with corporate event entertainment ideas, think about what is sharable and likely to generate engagement with your brand away from the venue.

This might mean a photo booth, mixology classes, or virtual reality installation – anything which is likely to encourage attendees to whip their phones out and hashtag your brand.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas That Encourage Engagement

At JMF, our event planners have helped put on corporate parties and events for clients of all shapes and sizes up and down the UK.

Bespoke Team-Building and Engagement Tools

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to design and develop activities and exercises that are both fun and effective in building stronger, more cohesive teams.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor challenges that promote friendly competition, problem-solving tasks or interactive games, we can create customised solutions that will help your team members bond, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Social Media Moments

We can help plan and execute interactive activations that are specifically designed to generate shareable content for social media platforms.

This can include custom photo booths, branded backdrops, and social media-enabled scavenger hunts.

We can provide materials to encourage live streaming and to give event attendees the ability to share the event in real time. We can also help create custom hashtags, social media contests, and other shareable elements to increase engagement and generate buzz.

Presentation Materials

For a corporate dinner party or evening entertainment, we offer various services to help brands produce more engaging event presentations.

One way we can do this is by providing custom awards that recognise outstanding performance or achievement. For seminars and one-to-one networking, we can produce branded flip charts and handouts. These materials can be customised with your company logo, brand colours and messaging, making them a powerful visual tool for engaging audiences.

Simple Theming and Design

Stripped-back design and clear messaging are key to success in 2023, putting purpose, message, product, and brand story at the fore.

Our events team is dedicated to helping clients identify their target market, understand the key drivers and create an environment that will engage attendees.

We offer a range of creative theming solutions to suit any budget, including custom displays, designed-in lighting effects and interactive activities – all tailored to enhance the overall event experience and remain consistent with the larger trends in design and presentation.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are making a big impact in the events sphere, as they can efficiently highlight a brand’s eco-credentials, as well as its commitment to building a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

At JMF, our extensive workshop facilities allow us to work with a huge range of organic materials whilst offering integration with high-tech lighting and digital displays. This result is a future-focussed twist on the natural aesthetic, impressing audiences and ensuring brand messaging remains at the fore.

Minimalistic Graphics

We encourage event organisers to take a minimalistic approach to design, keeping decorations and aesthetics simple and uncluttered. This allows attendees to focus on the event’s purpose and message rather than being distracted by excessive decoration.

Our talented in-house designers collaborate closely with clients, developing graphic materials that not only exceed their expectations but which can be effortlessly handed off to our production crews for swift and seamless execution.

JMF Group: Your New Corporate Events Partner

No matter your event budget or event goals, our team of experienced planners can help create an effective and impactful corporate event. From small dinner parties and company parties to trade shows and product launches, we have the creative and technical expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our passion for creating bespoke events that capture the spirit of a brand is unparalleled in the industry, and we are proud to work with some of the most recognised brands in the UK. Our experts work closely with every client to identify the corporate event ideas that will work for them – whatever it takes to stage an unforgettable event, we’re here to help.

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