Case Study


Attracting more customers with stunning shopfront signage for Poundstretcher in Ashington.

The Client.




The Brief.

Poundstretcher, a national discount retailer, needed new signage for their shopfront in Ashington that would be eye-catching and attractive to potential customers. They wanted a solution that would help to increase foot traffic to the store and ultimately drive sales.

To meet the client’s brief, we designed and installed a set of high-quality, custom-made signage that effectively showcased the Poundstretcher brand and attracted the attention of passing customers. We used durable materials and modern manufacturing techniques to ensure that the signage would be long-lasting and effective at capturing the attention of potential customers.

The Result.

The final result was a stunning set of shopfront signage that exceeded the client’s expectations. The new signage effectively conveyed the Poundstretcher brand message and increased foot traffic to the store, ultimately helping to drive sales and grow the business.

In conclusion, our team delivered a high-quality, visually appealing, and effective signage solution that met the client’s brief and helped to attract more customers to the Poundstretcher store in Ashington. Our focus on quality and attention to detail ensured that the final product made a bold statement and helped to set the client apart in a competitive retail environment.