All Aboards! A-boards, Pavement Signs, and Sandwich Board Signs

When it comes to advertising a brick-and-mortar establishment, few solutions offer the portability, convenience, and affordability of A-boards and pavement signs. No longer the reserve of pubs, coffee shops, and village tea shops, pavement signs have evolved to include a wide range of modern and stylish options that cater to bars, clubs, restaurants, estate agents, and high-end retailers of all types.

Whilst pavement signs and A-boards remain a simple signage solution for businesses looking to increase footfall and brand awareness, it’s important to remember that in many instances they will be the first impression made by your potential customers – it’s vital to ensure that first impression is a positive one!

At JMF Group, we offer an extensive range of A-boards, pavement signs, and sandwich board signs to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden A-board or something a little more contemporary, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect solution.

For more information on how we can help your business, contact our expert signage team today. Alternatively, keep reading for our expert guide to A-boards and pavement signs.

A-Boards and Pavement Signs: The What…

Pavement signage refers to any type of sign that is placed at street level outside a business establishment. A form of OOH advertising, pavement signs are most commonly found in high-traffic areas as a way to display marketing messages or encourage people to enter.

A-Boards and Pavement Signs: The Why…

No matter your field or business type, there are many benefits associated with pavement signs:


For most companies, a pavement sign will serve primarily to attract passing trade, and in this respect, they are highly effective. A well-designed and positioned pavement sign will always be working to entice new business, even when you’re closed.


For the modern business, standing out is tough! If you’re new to an area or simply want to notify people of your existence, pavement signs are a highly visible way to do so.


For many businesses, a pavement sign can be used to display vital information to customers, such as opening hours, contact details, or special offers. With a chalkboard frame, you can even change your message daily to account for menu specials or temporary deals.


Pavement signs offer incredible opportunities for displaying your brand’s unique personality. Double-sided pavement signs can be used to house two separate printed posters, ensuring your frame is working to promote who you are as well as what you do.


Pavement signs are heavy-duty, designed to withstand high winds and other inclement weather. Regardless of your location, wind and rain will not affect the durability or the integrity of your frame.


Along with offering durability from the elements, a tamper-proof outdoor frame can effectively protect your poster and other advertising materials from damage and vandalism.


Changing your marketing materials can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Pavement frames are generally extremely easy to operate, allowing you to change your posters and printed materials with ease.


A-boards and pavement signs require a low initial investment; both your frame and your printed poster materials can be ordered quickly, cheaply, and easily. What’s more, with double-side frames that effectively consist of two boards, you can display two advertising messages at the same time—a highly cost-effective way to enter the world of OOH marketing!


Your new A-board folds flat, allowing for super-easy storage, even if your business has limited space.

A-Boards and Pavement Signs: The How…

While the concept is simple, there are many different types of pavement sign available on the market, each with its own unique benefits. Take a look below for some of the most popular:

A-Boards / Sandwich Boards

The most common form of pavement sign, A-boards (also known as sandwich boards, or A-frames) consist of two sign faces that are hinged together to form an ‘A’ shape.


  • Portable: A-frames are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for businesses who like to move their signage around frequently.
  • Foldable: The sandwich board shape folds flat, making it simple to store and house, even for businesses that are low on space.
  • Visible: A-board are double-sided, providing two surfaces on which you can display posters or other brand message materials.
  • Replaceable: Printed posters for A-board signs are cheap to replace, with most local print shops able to fulfil orders to the correct dimensions.
  • Versatile: A-board signs are suitable for outdoor use and indoor use, making them perfect for businesses that want to use their signs in multiple locations.
  • Low-Cost: Sandwich boards are relatively cheap and easy to produce, making them a great solution for businesses on a budget.

Snap-Frame A-Boards

Snap-frame A-board frames offer a slightly more sophisticated take on the classic A-board, employing liftable flaps that allow for quick and secure changing of marketing materials.


  • Simple: Snap-frames make it easy to change your poster display materials, and can be operated by anyone.
  • Attractive: Most snap frames come with anti-glare covers, meaning your posters and graphics will be protected from the elements.

Wooden A-Boards

For brands with a rustic or organic identity, wooden A-board signs can be the perfect option.


  • Brand-Appropriate: A wooden poster holder looks more attractive on the pavement than its plastic counterparts.
  • Customisable: A range of paint and finishing options are available, from classic dark oak, to striking mirrored silver.

Silver / Galvanised Steel A-Boards

The Metal A-frame is the ultimate high-durability pavement sign. Striking, sturdy, and lightweight, a metal display board is perfect for busy high street locations


  • Durable: Metal signs and A-boards are built to withstand bad weather conditions. From strong winds to pouring rain, your metal A-board will stay in place
  • Lightweight: Despite their solid build, metal A-boards are surprisingly lightweight and easy to move around.

Chalkboard Signs

If you’re the creative type who’s handy with a chalk pen, a chalkboard sign can be a great way to show off your brand’s personality.


  • Customisable: With their wipe-down chalkboard surface, you can change the marketing message on your chalkboard frames as often as you like.
  • Eco-Friendly: Whilst most chalkboard frames allow for poster display, they don’t necessarily require the use of paper or other disposable materials – ideal for showing off your green credentials!

Water-Base Pavement Signs

Water-base pavement signs employ a weighted base (usually weighted with water or sand), and come with snap-frames for easy installation of posters.


  • Durable: Water-base pavement signs are extremely sturdy and highly durable, perfect for outdoor use. These heavy-duty signs are suitable for advertising in larger open areas, such as garage forecourts.
  • Visible: One of the reasons water-base displays are used as forecourt signs is their size. Visible from the road and within the forecourt space itself, water-base signs are ideal for displaying your A0 or A1 poster.

Swinger Signs

Swing signs consist of a weighted PVC base with a steel frame. Providing a smaller footprint than the standard A-board, a swing sign is ideal for narrow pavement spaces.


  • Motion: Marketing material for swing signs is printed on an aluminium panel, which sways between the frame. This combination of motion and advertising is highly noticeable and more likely to increase footfall.
  • Double-Sided: Like its A-board counterpart, the swing sing can display materials on both sides of its face.

Digital Pavement Signs

Digital pavement signs are a relatively recent innovation that allows businesses to display dynamic, ever-changing content.


  • Noticeable: Digital signage is highly eye-catching, meaning it’s more likely to grab the attention of passers-by.
  • Customisable: With a digital display, you can change your marketing message with the click of a button, relieving you of the expenses associated with poster and sign print services.

A-Boards and Pavement Signs: The Where…

Pavement signs are used by a wide range of brick-and-mortar establishments—if you run a business with physical premises, chances are you can benefit from pavement advertising boards.

Not convinced? Take a look below for some business types that you might not have considered:

Cafes and Coffee Shops

A-board pavement signs are a great way to advertise daily specials and new menu items to passers-by. As we mentioned, A-boards are also known as sandwich boards; what better way to sell customers on your new sandwich?

Pubs and Bars

For pubs and bars, a pavement sign can let people know about happy hour drinks specials, live music, and other events taking place at your establishment.


When it comes to boosting passing trade for your restaurant, a double-sided chalkboard pavement sign can show your welcoming aesthetic, as well as key menu items.

Hotels and Guesthouses

For hotels and guesthouses—particularly those on the high street—a pavement sign can alert guests to your location, as well as provide information about how to contact staff if you require assistance and the desk is unattended.

High Street Shops and Retailers

A-boards combined with sleek printed posters are a great way for retailers to advertise sales and new products, as well as display a call-to-action to get customers into your store.

Salons and Spas

If you want to use your sign to advertise special offers or details of new treatments, a pavement sign can be the ideal method for getting your message across.

Gyms and Fitness Centres

More and more, we are seeing gyms and fitness centres look to printed pavement signs to encourage new customers. Particularly effective for gyms who offer annual cheap membership.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Printed panel pavement signs are a durable way to alert customers to the location of your bank’s ATM. For heavy-tourism areas, this form of sign can create significant interaction.

Office Blocks and Business Centers

A double-sided pavement frame is ideal for guiding visitors to your business premises, particularly if your business is one of many within the building.

Forecourts and Petrol Stations

As mentioned, forecourt signs are a common sight across the country, allowing you to display your large-format A0 or A1 poster materials in a sturdy and attractive way.

Car Parks and Parking Garages

A public car park can rely on its pavement sign to guide customers to the entrance, as well as provide price and parking restrictions.


Whilst pavement signs are suitable in a wide variety of locations, you must ensure your poster frame is positioned in plenty of space and is not obstructing pedestrians—nothing will annoy your potential customers more than having to walk around your A-board!

A-Boards and Pavement Signs: The Who

When it comes to marketing, you want only the best for your company. In the case of signage and printed supplies, that means JMF.

At JMF, we offer a comprehensive service, providing everything from the initial design, through to print and delivery. Take a look below for our comprehensive approach to A-boards and pavement signs:

Site Survey

The first step to any good pavement sign project is a site survey. This involves one of our expert technicians visiting your premises to assess the best location for your sign, as well as to take measurements. This ensures that the finished product perfectly compliments your location.


With the site survey complete, your account manager will work with you to discuss the best options for your brand and location. Will your sign be seen from both sides? A double-sided frame might work best. Do you have rustic decor? Consider a dark oak chalkboard sign. Will your artwork look better as a poster than as a printed panel? Let’s look into a bespoke poster holder frame.


Once you’re happy with the concept, it’s time to let our team of in-house designers get to work. With years of experience designing outdoor and pavement signs, they will work with you to create an eye-catching design that perfectly represents your brand.


At JMF Group, we stock the largest selection of poster and pavement frame options, ready for immediate dispatch. However, if you decide to go with a fully bespoke route, our expert team of sign makers will hand-craft your frame to the highest standard.


Whether your designs are due to go on poster or aluminium panel materials, we’ll get to work printing your pavement sign using the latest large-format print technology. Our industry-leading printers allow us to produce the highest-quality prints quickly and efficiently, ensuring you’re not left waiting.

Sign Installation

If you need it, our team can install your sign for you. This is particularly useful for large or double-sided signs, which can be tricky to set up, or if you need to be careful about the precise location of your sign to avoid obstructing passers-by.


Once your sign is up and running, we can provide a maintenance service to ensure it stays looking as good as new. This includes scheduled cleanings and repairs, as well as replacement parts where necessary.


The time will come when you’ll want new poster or print materials for your frame; we have you covered! Our unbeatable range of stock and super-quick printing process means any replacement creative materials will be with you in no time!

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you want wooden pavement signs, waterproof pavement signs, A-boards, or chalkboards, JMF Group are the company for you.

Give our team a call today. We can’t wait to get to work!

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