White Self Cling

A static cling vinyl that does not rely on adhesives to seal. Self cling vinyls are best used on glass and are perfect for campaigns and offers due to their interchangeability. 

Face Material  

Gloss white plasticised static cling vinyl 
Type Static cling vinyl  Colour and Finish Gloss white  Weight 170 g/m² ±10% ISO-536 Thickness 150 µ ±10% ISO 534-80    Adhesive  
This material is without adhesive.  
Reference n.a.  Type n.a.  Min. Appl. Temp. n.a.  Service Temp. n.a.  Shear n.a.  Tack n.a. N/25mm FINAT FTM9 Final Adhesion  n.a. N/25mm FINAT FTM2    Liner 
Type Cast coated board  Colour and Finish White  Weight 200 g/m² ±10% PP-032 – ISO 536 Thickness 255 µ ±10% ISO 534 Transparency n.a. % DIN 53 147-64    




For use in advertising specialties such as retail window signage and promotional displays and decorations. This product is fully REACH compliant and does not contain phthalate plasticisers.  It conforms to European Toy Standard EN71 part 3. 

Printing Methods 

Printable with solvent based screen printing, UV screen printing, UV offset – it is possible to print the material with UV offset, however, this method is not guaranteed.  There are high levels of plasticizer in this type of PVC, which can lead to cosmetic imperfections and poor ink key, which is very much dependent on the type of ink used.  The colour of the ink and colour density: very light coverage and light colours are most susceptible combinations for print related issues. Testing for suitability between media, printers and inks is always recommended prior to use. 

Shelf life 

3 months, applicable only to the material delivered by JMF which has not undergone further processing, under  the following STORAGE CONDITIONS: 
• This material must be stored at a temperature of  22°C ± 2°C and 50 ± 5% of Relative Humidity.  • Storage area must be dry and clean. • Keep the material in the original packaging when not used in order to protect it from dust and contamination. • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources.  

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