UV Varnish

Applied as a protective measure to keep the ink from rubbing off, as an aesthetic finish to bring attention to specific design elements, or as a combination of both tasks, varnish come in a variety of finishes and can be applied in several ways, Glossy, Satin, Dull and Matte are common offerings applied either in line as an additional ink when the job is going through the press or in a second pass through the press. Varnish can be applied as a flood, covering the entire sheet, or as spot, hitting only a few areas of the design. For increased protection and sheen there are ultraviolet varnishes, where a plastic coating is applied and then dried using ultraviolet light, and film laminates in thicknesses from 0.001 to 0.010″ that allow the end-user to, if desired, submerge the final product in water without damage.

Trade Varnishing Services:

Mirror finish offer two types of varnishing: Overall UV and Spot UV in a wide variety of finishes.

Mirror Gloss UV Rollercoat Varnish (High Slip)

Mirror finish UV rollercoat varnish is a high gloss varnish and so does not lent itself to gluing. its main use are for magazine covers, paperback covers, brochure and greeting cards.

Mirror Gloss UV Rollercoat Varnish (Foil-Blockable)

Mirror Gloss UV Rollercoat Varnish (Foil-Blockable) Varnish is a universal high gloss varnish suitable for most applications that involve further processing, for example, where gluing or foil blocking is required. However this process is not used for both side.

Mirror Matt UV Rollercoat Varnish

Mirror Finish Matt Rollercoat UV Varnish is applied all over the printed sheet,giving high quality matt finish incorporating print protection with good scuff resistance properties, which can be used to great effect on magazine covers, brochures, greeting cards etc. The matt surface can be overprinted with UV gloss screen varnish to give excellent contrast bewtween matt and gloss. Matt rollercoat varnishes not suitable for foil blocking or gluing.

Mirror Gloss UV Spot Varnish

Mirror finish spot varnish is a high gloss UV varnish applied to areas of a printed image to enhance product impact or form part of the graphic design. This is a Silk Screen Process.

Mirror Sparkle UV Varnish containing metallised polyester flakes that adds “sparkle” when applied to selected areas of a printed image and will provide “shelf appeal” to a wide range of printed products.

Mirror Re-Moist Gum

Mirror Finish Re-moist Gum is a speciality coating which can be applied to any printed sheets to enable them to be sealed at a later stage such as reply coupons and envelopes.

Please note that the finally appearance of all Mirror Finish UV Varnishes will be highly dependent on the substrate’s smoothness and absorbency.

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