Rubber Stamp

Here at JMF we are proud to offer a great rubber stamp service for your needs. We offer a fast, effiecient service on all types of rubber stamps, from traditional business or company rubber stamps for use with a separate ink pad to Self-inking steel framed daters and numbers with additional custom text or graphics.

Traditional Rubber Stamps.

These are the classics rubber stamp

  • Use with a separate ink pad
  • The ultimate in flexibility.
  • Great for surfaces where special ink are required.

Trodat Printy Line Self Inking Stamp

Trodat Printys are our most popular line of stamps:

Their benefits include:

  • Intergal, replaceable ink pad
  • Clean and easy to use or store
  • Ideal for your desk, van or pocket
  • Available with adjustable date or number

Trodat Professional Line Self Inking Stamp

The ultimate Self Inking Stamp:

  • Steel frame for strength
  • Ideal for the Heavy Duty user
  • Available with adjustable date or number

Date Stamps/Die-Plate Daters/Numbers

With changeable date/Number:

  • Available as standard or self inking
  • With or without custom die
  • Many combinations of date, number or message

D.I.Y Stamps

Set your own stamp with supplied letter/number sets

  • Type sets available in different sizes
  • Ideal when you regularly need to change your message

If you have any questions about which stamp is the best for your business or to order your own, please contact our team to discuss the needs and requirements of your product.