Retail Window Display Supplies

As a retail professional, no one knows better than you the importance of finding cost-effective, great-quality signage for your window display areas. Such areas are often the first contact you will have with your customers; it’s essential that you use them effectively to properly promote your company, your product, your service, and your brand as a whole.

At JMF Group, we’ve spent decades working in signage and printed media. No matter your budget or specific requirements, our helpful team of experts are on-hand to make sure you get the perfect posters and signs for your business. Drop us a message today to request more info, and in the meantime, take a look at some tips from our experts:

Retail Windows: So Much More Than Poster Prints

You’re interested in using your window space to maximise engagement with your customers—who wouldn’t be? For retail stores, and businesses like travel agents and estate agents, your windows remain one of the most active touch points for customers thinking of buying. Your windows can inspire purchasing decisions, help inform customers, and reinforce the quality of your brand.

So, where to begin..?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of engaging with your new customers, you have a huge number of options: from simple poster prints to modern hardware, such as high-tech lightbox technology (more on that later) or even digital displays. Often these will be combined with other supplies, such as glass manifestations, vinyl clings, illumination, and retail display stands (from mannequins to simple shelving units) as a way to layer up an impressive brand delivery.

It can be very daunting when faced with such a large range of supply options—which is where JMF come in! Leave your window space design to us. We’ll develop a scheme that you’ll love, source all of the hardware and install swiftly, taking care of all the loose ends. Our work encompasses a wide range of solutions and can bring your vision to life. Don’t have a vision yet? Then let us create you one!

Here’s why you may want to think differently about your window design:

  • Build brand recognition, and enable you to reach out to passers-by;
  • Advertise your website as a source of more information on the products you’re selling;
  • Promote the range of products you have available in store, and how to find them;
  • Highlight any special offers or money-off discounts you’re be running.

Retail Window Displays: Things to Think About

So, how do we start creating windows that show you at your best? It can certainly be intimidating to approach the variety of hardware and print supplies, while also being confident you’re selecting the right materials.

Thankfully the team at JMF Group are on hand to walk you through it, whether you’re creating for a chain of retail stores, or a single shop.


Starting with a creative concept is key. What are you trying to achieve? Undoubtedly this will be showing off your business and products in the best way possible, but the delivery of your message will be dictated by factors such as:

  • the type of space there is to fill;
  • existing material, such as business signs;
  • the nature of your brand;
  • and, the product mix you’re attempting to show off.

Our team of creatives will help to piece this together on the page, so you can begin to feel the way your window space can come to life.

Site Surveys

Another critical thing to think about is physical visits to your store fronts. Our fitting and installation team are hugely experienced in surveying multi-unit retailers, a practice which ensures we have all the correct measurements (for the window glass and space behind; the depth of your window beds) and a strong understanding of your building. These factors will typically dictate the finished product, and if you do have multiple stores, you need this tailor-made solution to suit your range of locations. Site surveys will also support our understanding of any remedial work that may be required, such as lighting installation or strengthening of the ceiling or window beds to mount hardware like screens or lightbox. We can also complete all of this work on your behalf (see below).


Following the survey, we will contact you to discuss options. Often this will involve some translation of the original design, and final decisions on the supplies we will recommend. From here, we will source the hardware from a range of trusted suppliers, ensuring you get the right price and solutions you need. This includes manufacturing custom solutions bespoke to you; perfect if you’ve got unique window spaces (perhaps small, tall or compact)! We can even produce custom kits at scale, for national deployment.


The last thing you want is to be installing window solutions yourself or via untrained retail staff! Conversely, you don’t want to deal with multiple suppliers like joiners, electricians and vinyl fitters. JMF Group are a one-stop shop, capable of all these tasks. From the moment our installers land on site, we will professionally deploy your new window solution with minimal disruption and complete professionalism.

Window Display Hardware and Tech

A paper sign can go anywhere, and be attached quickly and non-destructively; our frames and fixings for poster signage can be an incredible, low-cost to get your artwork up. However, if your need a more modern effect, check out some of the fantastic mounting options you could consider:

LED Lightbox

You probably see light box signage every time you walk down the high street. In its simplest form, a lightbox is a poster frame which contains an LED on the back panel. An opal acrylic panel is installed on the front of the sign, which, when switched on, casts even illumination across your image.

Most businesses favour a light box for their window sign, as it offers a great way to get their signage seen by more people. Illumination from the LED backlight offers vibrant colour, and makes artwork really stand out. For windows which are to be seen at night, a lightbox can be a great choice if you want to fill your window with colour, and inform people about your service day and night!

A lightbox has many different uses and can be installed almost anywhere. From shop windows to exhibitions and trade events presentations, your LED lightboxes will always look fantastic!

Digital Screens

At JMF Group, we’re industry leaders in the supply of LED lightboxes and print signage. More and more, however, our clients want signage that really impresses! For this, a digital screen display can be perfect.

In this challenging time, stores need to offer more to get those shoppers through the door. “Micro-experiences” are the new keyword, and through touch-screen functionality and QR code interaction, a digital screen can give your sign more utility and interaction than most light boxes.

What About Installation?

Whether you want a standard fixing for poster printing, a lightbox, or a digital screen, JMF Group is for you! We offer boxes in all standard sizes (A3, A2, A1, A0), and offer prices to suit all budgets.

JMF Group is a nationwide supplier and installer of window displays, and offers both permanent and temporary installation options. All of our installations are electrical certified and we have a wide range of mounting methods to suit your needs—we’re the complete package!

Outstanding Quality Poster Prints: Designing and Printing for Your Window Scheme

Whether you have an in-house design team or need a little extra help, JMF Group are on-hand to provide help and information to ensure your poster printing is at its best! Some things to think about:

  • Correct Size & Application: Do you want your print to fill the entire window, or do you want something more subtle? What about single- or double-sided printing? The double-sided option, for example, can be especially useful in an open window bed.
  • Material: Quality poster printing requires careful thought, from paper stock to mounting hardware. For instance, posters and prints for lightbox installation need to be single-sided, with colours and paper stock optimised to create the best illumination effect.
  • Colour: How much colour and vibrancy is right for your signage? Do you want some basic monochrome logos, or do you need additional standard RAL colour coating?
  • Message: What do you want your signs to say? If you’re running a sale, you want bright, eye-catching prints for your lightbox. For a line of fashionable clothing, something more subtle may work better for your company.

Whether you have an amazing design ready to upload, or you need full creative support, we work right alongside our print team to generate the most amazing printed output for all our signs and posters.

For a Quality Poster Printing Service, Look No Further Than JMF Group

Whatever your poster printing needs, JMF Group are here to help! We pride ourselves on our great service, and will always go above and beyond to meet your needs!

Got an urgent deadline? No problem, our super-quick turnaround will have your signs in your hands faster than anyone else!

Need larger quantities? Easy! Our in-house printers work round the clock to get your delivery out of our warehouse and into your premises.

Double-sided, single-sided? Lightbox printing or traditional poster frames? Need new hardware like frames, clips or lightboxes? You’re in the right place.

Need an installation service? A design service? We cover it all! Upload your designs, or get in touch today—we can’t wait to make your sign dreams a reality!

How can we help?


How can we help?