Poundstretcher Branded Wagons

Wanting to promote your brand more? Enquire today about vehicle branding! Check out these 10 meters wagons we have produced and fitted this week, all ready for the festive season. Great work JMF!


Newcastle International Airport

Here at JMF we are always looking to expand the industry’s we supply, and last week we ventured into the travel industry. Producing these 6×3 metre weighted PVC banners, you can find this superb work hanging in Newcastle International Airport!!!

Alzheimer’s Society

JMF are happy to have on board the Alzheimer’s Society as new client. This week we manufacture and fitted 3 sites for them. Check out Preston below. We are looking forward to the upcoming work in 2020!!!


B&M Altrincham

WOW! 26 metres worth of internally illuminated flex face sign fully manufactured and fitted by the team at JMF. We are very pleased to now be working with B&M assisting them in the refurbishments of existing signage. We have big prospects together, keep an eye out on our page for more stores!


Poundland Ireland


No Monday blues here at JMF! Fabulous start to the week with brand new replacement signage for Poundland. X3 fabricated extrusion boxes with illuminated flex face skins, manufactured in-house and installed by the team at JMF. Great job guys!!


Bargain Buys Dunstable

5 working days turnaround? Of course we met the deadline! With over 30 meters of aperture cut aluminium panels, over 20 metres of vinyl window graphics and fully installed, this is worthy of a pat on the back for the JMF staff! If you’re looking to spruce up your shop front, check out some of our other case studies and see what we can create for you!


Poundstretcher Ashington

Great end to the week!! Fully manufactured in-house and fitted by one of JMF’s dedicated sign installation teams, this Poundstretcher site has never looked better.


CHAS and Construction Line Accreditation

JMF Group have been awarded both CHAS and Construction Line Gold certificates. This is a big step for the team at JMF as CHAS (The contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), was a key developer of the core criteria held in the Approved Code of Practice which supported the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (now recogonised as CDM 2015) and is a founder member of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement).

Construction Line Gold membership validates JMF’s company’s credentials for environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery act adherence and anti-bribery and corruption policies. Some of these policies form part of the Cabinet Office Selection Questionnaire (SQ), which the public sector is expected to comply with.

We hope to continue acquiring new accreditations in the future.

Tailor made records of 16th Century working life in Newcastle

Tailor made records of 16th Century working life in Newcastle, which have been gathering dust in a family attic, are now on show to the public

Michael Foggin had inherited his ancestors’ employment records and filed them away in a safe place in the family home.

But, as a Freeman of Newcastle, the 51-year-old realised their historical interest extended far beyond the immediate family and he decided to give the rare papers, making up a book of indentures, to Tyne & Wear Archives.

The papers, one dating back to 1576, are original copies of apprenticeship indentures in the tailoring industry, originating from The Incorporated Company of Tailors of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The tailor’s guild was founded in 1536, with the apprenticeship enrollment book dating from 1576 to 1625 and the family’s membership of it going back to 1789, when Michael’s ancestor William Foggin was admitted after completing his apprenticeship as a tailor to John Barrow.

Two of the three documents are minutes of guild meetings from 1682 which detail disputes between members, including reference to a meeting in August 1688 with colourful language and a description of a physical confrontation between a tailor, Henry Wallis, and John Shaftoe, a steward of the guild, over an unpaid fine.

Michael, who is father to Jack 23, and eight-year-old Joe, said: “The documents have been passed down through our family all these years and I would like to continue that tradition with my sons but, given that these documents are so name-rich, I thought they may be of interest to local historians and the wider public.”

They are available to view in the archives of Discovery Museum in Newcastle where, until now, the earliest surviving membership records for the Tailors Guild were from 1666. Archivist Alan Hayward said: “I am delighted Michael has brought these documents into the archives for us to preserve, but also for everybody else to enjoy. They are fascinating.”