JMF Group

Established in 1989, JMF Group is a full service agency providing creative design and branding, print, fulfilment and distribution, PR, marketing and communications, digital, signage and photography services.  

We are a dynamic company which has built a reputation for excellence over the last 27 years, working with a combination of private, public and third sector organisations. We are a tightly-knit team who offer an exciting, highly innovative and cost-effective alternative to other traditional agencies. 

We relate to the time and budget pressures faced by organisations and are adept at extracting the key information we need to work on your behalf. We have a deep understanding and proven track record of delivering a high quality service with a rigorous and flexible approach. 

Three key benefits of working with JMF Group are: 

Highly experienced and knowledgeable team – we employ 28 full-time staff in-house who between us we have extensive experience to draw upon, working with a wide variety of public sector organisations and blue chip companies.  Collectively, our management team has over 75 years’ experience.

Deal direct with the decision makers – because you’ll deal directly with the key individuals delivering the project, the effectiveness and efficiency of all communications is maximised. The people who are responsible for delivering this project are senior and experienced. You will not be passed on to a less experienced team – who you see is who you get.

Cost efficient – we offer many different elements of print, design and signage so we can deliver your brief effectively without having to outsource work and pay for additional overheads.

JMF Group work with clients all over the UK and has a long and successful track record in delivering a wide range of creative design and branding projects.  Effective project management is key to the success of the project. In order to achieve this JMF Group will ensure the following: 


Our professionalism is driven by a strong desire and commitment to build your trust and confidence in JMF Group. We achieve this with consistently high quality work delivered through a proficient and proven process. 


Setting of expectations, realistic planning, and effective coordination form the backbone of our management approach. 

Using our knowledge and experience we will work with you to establish the project goals and expectations from which all work can be measured. We will also establish a project timetable which forms a joint agreement to deliver the project to agreed timescales. 

This management approach ensures that both the client and JMF Group are fully aware of responsibilities for key dates. Quality and relevance of work is maintained from the initial conception to final delivery and budgets are kept within the agreed parameters. 


We believe in a single project team, that comprises of members from both our customer and JMF Group. The teamwork mentality is underpinned with agreement on clearly defined roles and responsibilities that are set early in the project process, such as sign off procedures and budget control. 

There is no ‘us and them’, just a single team working together towards delivering clearly identified expectations and goals.