The below are questions that JMF Group often receive by customers. At JMF  we always aim to answer any questions that clients may have regarding their signage and utilise our expertise to find solutions that are best suited to them.


How can I stop chocolates from melting in my shop window?

For this specific problem we could recommend solar film. Solar film is a reflective vinyl-like material that can block solar heat and UV rays up to 80%, reducing the temperature behind the glass and keeping it controlled.

Why is my sign fading in colour?

The colour in your signage will fade from the UV rays in sunlight. At JMF Signs we pride ourselves on the lifespan of our products, however we do understand that nothing lasts forever. Inks normally tend to last a minimum of 3 years, with specific colours fading first, for example magenta & cyan. We offer UV lamination; this can extend the lifespan of the inks and reduce the rate of fading, by applying a laminate finish that helps protects from UV rays. Our UV lamination is product-specific, please get in touch to discuss your signage requirements.

How do I solve spotting in my sign?

There are several reasons why spotting may appear in your sign. If your signage is an illuminated flex face or tray, then it is likely that the LEDs inside will be too close together. Spotting can also appear when the face of the flex or tray is too close to the LEDs inside. This spotting can be reduced by increasing the depth of the flex face or tray.

If your signage consists of halo-lit built-up lettering, then it may be that the return depth needs to be increased.

LEDs are very compact and so the light is focused. JMF Signs use domed LEDs that have built-in lenses which help to spread the light of the LED. By spreading the light from the LED, JMF Signs can avoid spotting appearing in their signage.

Do I need planning permission for my sign to be installed?

Every sign must receive permission before it can be installed. As a first point of call, it is the permission of the landlord / building owner that must be acquired. Once permission has been given by the owner, planning permission must be applied for with your local council. JMF Signs offer additional services in applying for permission and providing drawings and can manage your project from start to finish. These services start at around £500 +VAT, however get in touch for your own quote.

Why is my sign curling up after a few months?

In this situation the ink has out gassed into the laminate causing the laminate to shrink on top of vinyl at a different rate – this causes the ends of the vinyl curl up. JMF Signs treats all signage materials with a strict set of processes and procedures ensuring that their products are long lasting. To avoid the curling, as described above, JMF Signs leave any freshly-printed vinyl out for at least 48 hours to outgas. JMF Signs also use eco solvent inks and the highest possible quality materials.

Why is my stainless steel letters tarnished?

The industry-standard for stainless steel is 304 grade – this grade of steel will tarnish from the salt in the air and other airborne pollutants. JMF Signs can use 316 grade stainless steel upon request, this higher-grade steel is longer-lasting and does not tarnish as easily. By cleaning the stainless steel with no.1 thinner on a yearly-basis the tarnishing of the material can be prevented and kept in great quality. Get in touch about our signage maintenance contracts.

My sign has been powder coated, why is it fading?

If your signage is on a south-facing elevation, it will fade quicker than any other elevation due to the amount of direct sunlight that it is exposed to. The fading of powder coated signage is often a result of poor manufacturing. When powder-coating, the materials that the coating is being applied to must be given a pre wash treatment, this ensures that the paint gets a good connection with the material. It is also essential that the material has pre paint undercoating applied before the powder coating.

Why have my letters fallen off and can they be replaced?

The letter will mostly likely have fallen off due to the processes used in the manufacturing of the sign. The letter and the fixing expand and contract at different rates, whatever is being used to hold them together will be receiving movement from either side forcing something to give way. JMF Signs use mechanical fixings rather than adhesives or soldering to ensure that the lettering is secure. Although it is an inconvenience when lettering of signage becomes detached, they are easily replaced.

Is it recommended to have a maintenance contract for my signs?

Yes, definitely! A sign that is cleaned and maintained every 12 months will have a longer lifespan than a sign that is left untreated. JMF Signs’ maintenance contracts are to ensure your signage is kept in the best possible condition.

Can I reduce the cost of signage by buying in bulk?

You can reduce the cost of signage by buying in bulk by sending in a purchase order for full contract, then use this to purchase all the components then call them off on monthly basis. Contact a member of our team and see if we have any other options for you.

Is it recommended to have a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for my signs?

JMF Signs recommends always getting an NDA to ensure peace of mind with your clients being poached.

Can I install my sign into any of the following materials? Brick, Breeze block, Marble, Sandstone, Granite, Glass.

The substrate that the signs are going onto should be checked before ordering any sign each fixing will be different for each substrate. Here at JMF Signs we will send out one of our highly experienced members of the team to check the substrate you are wanting to fix to.

Is it worth checking for asbestos before I install my sign?

Yes! Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance and common in older buildings. It requires specialists to check the presence of asbestos and to safely remove and dispose of it.

Can I have a sign on a flat roof?

We offer a free standing bracket fixed onto a flat roof with waterproof washers.

How to know if I’m receiving best cost for my sign?

Trust, always use a reputable company like ourselves who have been trading since 1989.

Can I have a sign under my canopy?

A site survey would determine what kind of bracket can be fabricated to fix a sign under a canopy. Get in touch to book yours now!

Can I install graphics onto brick?

Here at JMF signs we offer Macta wall tex, which is a vinyl that can be printed and applied direct to brickwork.

What are RAMS and do I need it?

RAMS should be set up for every sign installation to ensure all staff and public are safe while working.

What are RGB colour changing LED signs and can I have a remote with it?

RGB LEDs are changing colour lights with a remote control that can be added to a PC using a DMX controller to be programmed to light up at different times as different colours.

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