Frames, panels, printed ACM and banners 

Painted aluminium extrusion creating a frame to house coloured panels with graphics applied is a cost effective way of promoting your business to the general public. The extruded aluminium frame allows the panels contained within it to expand and contract at the levels that the local weather dictates, our cold winters followed by the low sun positon in the spring means a lot of materials warp and where static fixings won’t allow movement the sign appears to warp and ripple. When the temperature returns to normal the fixings won’t move and the panels crack / shatter resulting in the full signage system failing. 

Printed full colour aluminium composite panels have to be installed with elongated holes allowing the movement to take place.

Large format digital banners have metal/brass eyelets to allow them to move back and forward but for a long term banner would require elastic toggles. 

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