Flex face signs 

Fancy something large, light and bright? Try a flex face.

These signs are found to be more economic, this is due to its simplicity. The sign’s system consists of a few components, giving it its reputation of being easy to produce and assemble.

Flexible face signs are used when the signs are too big to be created with aluminium and need the full frontal graphic to be illuminated. 

The modules in these type of signs come with a 5 year guarantee, the prints are created on large format machines with high quality inks. 

JMF Group offer a wide range of of flex faces, including illuminated and non illuminated, the non-illuminated fascia frame holds only 2 items, the frame and the clip-on cover. These types of signs are ultra-sleek and slim at a 30m depth. All flex face signs can be made any size from 10m high to 50m in length.

We also offer free site surveys and no obligation quotes!!

Here at JMF Group we are confident that our signs are of the highest quality, not convinced? Take advantage of our 5-year guarantee.

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