Create Ambiance with a Faux Neon Sign: Stylish and Cost-Effective Alternatives

Wondering how to capture the classic neon aesthetic without the downsides? A faux neon sign provides the high-impact visual appeal and flexibility of neon with marked benefits in cost and maintenance. This article explores faux neon signs’ advantages, delves into the vast customisation options, and compares them with traditional neon signs. Discover how these low-maintenance, energy-efficient alternatives can transform any space.

Key Takeaways

  • Faux neon signs made with LED neon flex lights are durable, energy-efficient, and offer a brighter, safer alternative to traditional glass neon signs without the high energy costs and fragility.
  • These signs boast design flexibility, with customisable options such as size, colour, style, and lettering layout, as well as the integration of smart technology for remote control and dynamic lighting effects.
  • Faux neon signs provide both visual appeal and ease of use with their simple installation and maintenance processes, making them a cost-effective lighting solution for both business branding and home decor.

The Advantages of Faux Neon Signs

Faux neon sign glowing in the dark

Faux neon signs offer the brightness and allure of traditional neon signs without the notorious fragility and high energy costs. These signs, crafted with LED neon flex lights, offer a host of benefits, making them a preferred choice over traditional neon glass. They are easier to install and maintain owing to their durability and energy efficiency. But remember, the quality of your faux neon signs largely depends on the LED neon flex lights used, so always source from reputable suppliers.

Durability and Safety

Faux neon signs are crafted with high-quality, flexible, flame-retardant PVCs and robust acrylic, providing superior durability over traditional real neon glass signs. You can now say goodbye to the worries of shattered glass or overheating. These signs are shatter-resistant and heatproof, ensuring a secure environment.

LED faux neon signs, also known as led neon signs, have several advantages over traditional neon signs:

  • They have a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, which is almost ten times longer than traditional neon signs.
  • They operate at a mere 12 volts, making them more energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • They are designed to be less prone to breakage, enhancing overall safety and durability.

Energy Efficiency

While traditional neon signs can be an energy guzzler, faux neon signs offer a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution. They are up to 10 times more energy-efficient than traditional neon signs, leading to significant power savings. Specifically, they consume only 15%–20% of the power that traditional neon uses. This low voltage operation contributes to lower electricity costs, making faux neon signs a financially smart choice.

In addition, they provide over 100,000+ hours of operation, optimising longevity and cost savings. Isn’t it great to know that your stylish neon sign is also light on your pocket and kind to the environment?

Design Flexibility

Another fantastic advantage of faux neon signs is their design flexibility. With these signs, you can let your creativity go wild! The technology behind faux neon signs allows for intricate designs and shapes, providing a broader scope for creating unique signage. The ability to cut LED neon flex lights to various lengths opens up a range of possibilities for creating shapes and letters, allowing high levels of creativity and personalisation in faux neon signs.

Whether you’re looking to make a unique brand statement as a business owner or add personality to your decor as a homeowner, faux neon signs present endless possibilities in the world of neon art.

Customisation Options for Faux Neon Signs

Faux neon signs elevate customisation, offering diverse options for:

  • Size
  • Colours
  • Style
  • Layout of lettering/design

You can choose from a wide array of font styles, colour options, and sizes to create a sign that perfectly aligns with your preferences or brand identity.

The backing for these signs can be chosen from options such as:

  • clear
  • black
  • white
  • coloured

Custom requests can also be accommodated for special backboards. Every faux neon sign is made to order, ensuring that each piece is unique and reflects your style and vision.


If you thought that the colour options in traditional neon signs were impressive, wait until you see the spectrum that faux neon signs offer. These signs provide a broad colour palette, ranging from 10 to 50 options, with some LED technology supporting up to 18 colours and more. With faux neon signs, you can represent your brand’s colours faithfully or select the perfect shade to complement your home interior.

In addition to static colours, faux neon signs also include colour changing RGB options that allow for a selection across the colour spectrum.

Fonts and Sizes

When it comes to font styles and sizes, the options are just as impressive. Whether you prefer the elegance of serif or cursive fonts or the simplicity of sans serif or non-cursive ones, faux neon signs got you covered. You can opt for a handwriting neon sign font for a personal touch or choose a monoline font for a minimalist look.

The LED neon flex’s thickness determines the look of the faux neon sign, and signs without size restrictions can be panelled for larger displays. The lettering layout can affect the overall size and character limits per line, offering further customisation possibilities.

Integrating Smart Technology with Faux Neon Signs

With the advent of smart technology, faux neon signs have stepped up, integrating remote control and dimming options for additional convenience. These signs allow for full-colour range manipulation remotely, enabling you to program effects like moving colour patterns or fade-in-fade-out for that extra wow factor. Certain models of faux neon LED signs come with remote controls providing adjustable flash speeds and brightness settings.

Some even include special features like party modes, making the sign flash, flicker, and pulse. Plus, you also have the option of dimming the bright light to create various lighting effects, perfect for photo shoots or weddings, with a warm white ambiance.

Installation and Maintenance of Faux Neon Signs

Faux neon sign installation process

The ease of installation and maintenance is one of the most significant advantages of faux neon signs. These signs offer the following benefits:

  • Easy installation: They can be installed as easily as hanging a painting, with various wall mounted options or suspension by wire for hanging applications.
  • Simple maintenance: Regular dusting and periodic cleaning with mild solutions is all that is needed to keep them looking great.
  • Safety: Remember to turn off the sign during cleaning to ensure safety.

And when it comes to larger custom pieces, these signs are shipped in segments for easy assembling, making them suitable for outdoor areas with additional treatments. So, with faux neon signs, you enjoy not just a stunning display but also an effortless installation and maintenance process.

Faux Neon Sign Applications

Faux neon sign in a business setting

The versatility of faux neon signs extends beyond their design and customisation. They can be used for various applications, adding a touch of brilliance to business branding, home decor, and entertainment areas. For businesses, faux neon signage serves as an effective marketing tool, creating ‘Instagrammable’ installations that customers love to share on social media.

For homeowners, these signs add a pop of colour and a personal touch to their decor, reflecting their personality. In entertainment areas, they contribute to a lively party atmosphere, and in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, they can create tranquil or romantic vibes with appropriately themed phrases.

Real-life Examples of Faux Neon Signs

Various real-life settings showcase the versatility and appeal of faux neon signs. Whether it’s a residential space or a commercial business, faux neon signs add a stylish and functional element to any setting.

In commercial settings, business owners collaborate with sign makers and sign group specialists to tailor designs, paying particular attention to colour tones and lighting to suit their environments. JMF Group specialise in commercial faux neon led sign production to create spectacular interior and exterior visuals for brands across the leisure, retail shops, hospitality and event spaces.

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Comparing Costs: Faux Neon vs. Traditional Neon

Let’s address a pertinent issue – cost. One might assume that with all these benefits, faux neon signs would be more expensive than traditional neon signs. But that’s far from the truth. Faux neon signs, made with plastic tubing instead of glass, are cheaper to:

  • make
  • buy
  • install
  • replace

than traditional glass neon signs. They offer savings in installation requirements, maintenance, and repair costs over traditional glass neon signs.

Considering the durability, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance needs of faux neon signs, they offer a superior return on investment compared to traditional neon signs.


Faux neon signs have revolutionised the world of neon signage, offering an array of benefits over traditional neon signs. They are more durable, energy-efficient, and offer greater design flexibility. With a wide range of customisation options, these signs can be tailored to match any preference or brand identity. The integration of smart technology adds to their functionality and convenience, while their easy installation and maintenance make them a practical choice. Whether it’s for business branding, home decor, or entertainment areas, faux neon signs are a versatile solution that can enhance any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a faux neon sign?

A faux neon sign is a sign that uses low voltage LEDs to recreate the appearance of neon lighting. It can be made in almost any shape and has the benefit of being customisable in terms of colour and lighting patterns.

What is the alternative to neon signs?

LED signs, such as NeonPlus, provide a versatile alternative to traditional neon signs by offering a similar effect using acrylic and LED technology instead of glass. Consider this option when traditional neon is not suitable for your needs.

Why are neon signs no longer used?

Neon signs are still widely used however due to safety concerns, inefficiency, and expense. LED is now the primary source of light in illuminated signage as it is the most efficient.

How are faux neon signs more durable than traditional neon signs?

Faux neon signs are more durable than traditional neon signs because they are made with high-quality, flexible materials such as PVC and acrylic, which are shatter-resistant and flame-retardant.

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