JMF Group provides a network of iconic digital screens and LED advertising posts at key locations throughout the UK. Large format LED advertising display screens are available at iconic locations across the UK, from Gateshead to Portsmouth.

Digital display screens provide a central hub for local businesses to advertise to their communities, which is both cost effective and highly visible.


Digital Management Systems Single & Multiscreen Advertising

At JMF Group we always like to keep our clients abreast of any innovative new developments to ensure we can offer them the very latest in signage solutions. Which is why we’d like to introduce our single and multi-screen digital management system.

Our digital screens can display over individual or multiple units and have the availability to exhibit single graphics or use a multi-screen set-up to join numerous screens together, thereby displaying over a larger spread. And when a client utilises our digital screens they are assigned a dedicated account handler who manages everything from queries to asset control and scheduling.

The truth of the matter is, having digital screens offers you and your business a level of freedom and versatility which print often can’t.

For example, with JMF’s personalised online scheduling platform you can view your playback schedule, contact your account handler and upload new assets, all at the touch of a button. What’s more, our online scheduling platform is divided into time slots (which are dependent on your chosen price plan).

This platform provides a column for each day of the week, which is colour coded in your playlist into which digital display assets are grouped.

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