Books and brochures come in all shapes and sizes and have a multitude of purposes – but they all need to reflect your business’s message and brand;

At the JMF Group we offer a comprehensive service which can include design, copywriting, editing and proofreading, as well as print. So whether you simply want your artwork printed, or if you need everything created from scratch, we’ll guide you through the options and deliver the perfect result.

Annual Reports

Designed and printed to you specification in a wide choice of sizes, styles and colour formats, the JMF Group can produce superior quality annual repots and corporate print materials which will reflect a positive image of your company.


At the JMF Group we provide a range of hardback and soft back book printing services with a choice of special finishes including coloured or printed services with a choice of special finishes including coloured or printed endpapers, embossing and foil blocking on the front spine.

Booklets and Pamphlets

The JMF Group high-quality booklet printing service is available in full and in a variety of sizes and print options. We promise a fast and efficient service at extremely competitive rates and can offer a design and copywriting if required.

Corporate Brochures

Your corporate brochure is the ideal medium for showing off your business activities and the benefits; it is also an integral part of your marketing communications toolbox. The JMF Group can design and write a brochure that will reflect your brand and communicate your message. What’s more we can print it for you too!

Binding and Folding

Several ways, the choice of which is typically determined by budget and page count, and are available to bring together material. Projects requiring no more than 6,9 or even 12 pages can be fulfilled through folding, creating a piece that is easy to mail and distribute and providing enough pacing in how it unfolds to give the reader a sense of direction to engage with the content. Projects that climb between 20 – and 40 – page count are best bound, be it an affordable saddle-stitch or a more expensive perfect binding. Any projects over 40 pages can’t be sustained by saddle-stitching. making perfect binding the economic choice and case binding the more costly choice. Certainly, these are only the basic starting points, and, for the right price, projects can be bound or folded in innovative ways-but until that elusive patron arrives, it’s best to grapple the basics.

Some different types of binding we offer

  • Perfect Binding
  • Case Binding (Smythe Sewn)
  • Saddle Stitch
  • Side Stitch Binding
  • Screw and Post Binding
  • Tape Binding
  • Pastic Comb Binding
  • Ring Binding
  • Spiral and Double-Loop Wire Binding
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